The Lying Game Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Revengers

Jail can’t stop Alec from intimidating Emma.


Episode 2 - Cheat, Play, Love

Sutton steps up her plans to win Ethan back. Mads grows jealous of Emma and Thayer’s friendship.


Episode 3 - Advantage Sutton

Sutton challenges Emma to a tennis match…with the winner getting to live as Sutton Mercer.


Episode 4 - A Kiss Before Lying

Emma learns that Sutton is lying about what happened the night she went missing.


Episode 5 - Much Ado About Everything

Laurel starts asking questions about Sutton’s sudden personality changes.


Episode 6 - Catch Her in the Lie

Emma tries to trap Rebecca and Sutton in a lie during the school formal.


Episode 7 - Regrets Only

Sutton begins to lose faith in Rebecca after hearing Emma’s suspicions. Alec makes a dangerous move to clear his name.


Episode 8 - Bride and Go Seek

Secrets unravel when everyone gets together for Dan and Theresa’s wedding.


Episode 9 - The Grave Truth

The sibling drama heats up when Ethan confesses to Dan. An unexpected visitor threatens Emma and Sutton.


Episode 10 - To Lie For

The charity gala turns into a feud between Rebecca and the Mercer family as Emma and Sutton try to end the lies.



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