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Season 8 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - New Frontiers

Otto and Eivin's hunt for Ptarmigan ends in disaster; Atz Lee and Jane tour Jane's past and go to remote Adak Island; and Atz Sr.'s pioneer spirit leads him to an abandoned barge.


Episode 2 - A Predator Strikes

Otto and Charlotte defend against the homestead's first predator; Atz Lee and Jane travel to Lake Louise to catch massive lake trout; Atz Sr. renovates his floating homestead.


Episode 3 - Roll Yuletide Roll

Atz Lee and Jane rush to aid of a fellow homesteader; Atz Sr. searches for a remote spot to anchor his floating homestead; Otto, Eivin and Levi rebuild a homestead hot tub.


Episode 4 - The Beach is Burning

Otto and Eivin fight to douse a raging coal seam fire on Kilcher beach; Atz Sr. attempts the most unconventional bear hunt of his life; and Jane and Charlotte take a girl's day.


Episode 5 - Range Danger

Otto creates a calf caboose for his cattle drive at the head of the bay; Atz Lee and Jane bring sustainable power to their remote cabin; Atz Sr. builds a smoker to preserve meat.


Episode 6 - A Bridge and a Bear

Atz Lee builds a bridge and encounters a predator in the backcountry. Otto's hay season nearly comes to a halt when a broken tractor forces him to get creative.


Episode 7 - A Yuletide Thanksgiving

The Kilcher Family celebrates Thanksgiving at Atz Sr.'s floating homestead.


Episode 8 - To Live or Die on Perl Island

Atz Lee builds a homestead for a friend in Perl Island. Later, Eivin, Levi, and Otto move a cabin down Kilcher Road.


Episode 9 - Earning Seven

Singer Jewel Kilcher throws her son a coming-of-age celebration on the Yuletide; Atz Lee battles worsening weather to help Grady build a homestead on Perl Island.


Episode 10 - Calling All Kilchers

The Kilchers mobilize a major sea and land effort to help finish Grady's Perl Island cabin build. Charlotte and August build a cat patio to keep their cats from killing animals.


Episode 11 - Coming of Age

Eivin takes son Findlay on his first ever coming-of-age hunt. Atz Lee and Jane venture far out into the wilderness to fish for elusive pike. Atz Sr. upgrades the Yuletide.


Episode 12 - Holly Jolly Homesteading

The Kilchers film themselves while making inventive homemade gifts for Christmas.


Episode 13 - Hill Country Hunt

Atz Lee and Atz Sr. take Jane on an epic hunt; Eivin builds a one-of-a-kind motorized cart; and Otto, Charlotte, and August race to repair a fence breach after cattle escape.


Episode 14 - Wind and a Prayer

Otto and Levi bring wind power to the remote cabin; Atz Lee and Jane help homesteader Mike repurpose an old city house into a cabin; and Tela receives help to fix her dry spring.


Episode 15 - Thrill of the Hunt

The fall cattle roundup takes a turn when a horse gets tangled in electric wire; Eivin and Levi go on a rock-climbing expedition to secure access to a valuable new hunting ground.


Episode 16 - Collision Course

Otto and August radio Eivin for rescue after facing an emergency at sea. Atz Senior must decide between life on the Yuletide and returning to the family homestead.


Episode 17 - High and Dry

It's up to Otto and his crew of family and friends to save the invaluable boat for future use; and Eivin takes novice hunter, Levi, on a last chance hunt to Shuyak Island.


Episode 18 - One For All

The Kilcher family provides a closer look at life on the homestead in the Alaskan wilderness. From a double outhouse to unique meals, see how the Kilchers have developed.


Episode 19 - Trials and Tribulations

The family gets candid about their life in the Alaskan wild, which is a perpetual cycle of fails and fixes. And for every great solve that goes horribly wrong, another is genius.


Episode 20 - The Rules of Jane

Jane Kilcher relays her five rules that have helped take her from homestead to greenhorn.


Episode 21 - Friends, Foes and Feasts

Animals play a critical role in survival on the homestead. From dangerous predators to hardworking livestock to elusive prey, each has an undeniable effect on the Kilchers' life.


Episode 22 - The Homesteader Code

In the harsh Alaskan wilderness, it's impossible to thrive alone. Kilchers look back on key moments where the family and homesteaders depended on each other for survival the most.



Season 8

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