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Episode 1 - Series 3 Slide

Bingo and Lila are excited to play on their new waterslide.


Episode 2 - Series 3 TV Shop

At the chemist, Bluey and Bingo have fun playing with the CCTV screens.


Episode 3 - Series 3 Wild Girls

Coco wants to play Wild Girls with Indy, but Chloe wants her to play another game.


Episode 4 - Series 3 Dragon

Bluey asks Dad to help her draw a dragon for her story.


Episode 5 - Series 3 Show And Tell

Bluey wants to know why Dad's always bossing her around!


Episode 6 - Series 3 Stickbird

On a trip to the beach, Mum teaches Bluey to throw, while Bingo and Dad get creative with a funny shaped stick.


Episode 7 - Series 3 Relax

Bluey and Bingo would rather explore their holiday hotel room than relax on the beach.


Episode 8 - Series 3 Exercise

Bingo pretends to be Boss Bluey's new employee in the middle of Dad's backyard workout.


Episode 9 - Series 3 Cubby

Bluey and Bingo build a very special cubby for their stuffed toy Kimjim.


Episode 10 - Series 3 The Decider

The Heelers and Lucky's family get together to watch the big game!


Episode 11 - Series 3 Dirt

Judo wants to play in the dirt with Bluey and Bingo, but she's not supposed to get dirty!


Episode 12 - Series 3 Smoochy Kiss

Bluey and Bingo want Dad all to themselves until they discover he has some gross habits.


Episode 13 - Series 3 Space

Mackenzie, Jack and Rusty are playing as astronauts on a mission to Mars. But Mackenzie keeps going missing and no one knows why!


Episode 14 - Series 3 Granny Mobile

Muffin is playing Grouchy Granny on an old mobility scooter at a garage sale, but a real granny wants to buy it!


Episode 15 - Series 3 Tradies

Bluey and Bingo hide under the house and spy on two mysterious tradies working in the backyard.


Episode 16 - Series 3 Onesies

When Mum’s sister Brandy comes over for a visit, she brings the kids onesies as a present, which has an unexpected effect on Bingo!


Episode 17 - Series 3 Turtleboy

Bingo finds a toy turtle at the playground and wants to take him home, but Dad says it's not the done thing.


Episode 18 - Series 3 Puppets

Bluey and Bingo teach Unicorse good manners so he can ask Mum on a date, but things go sideways when Unicorse eats a tick.


Episode 19 - Series 3 Stories

Indy thinks she's no good because her model horse looks like a cow, but Calypso encourages her not to give up.


Episode 20 - Series 3 Musical Statues

At the end of a long day, Bluey and her family are out of sync and out of sorts, so Mum gets everyone to play musical statues.


Episode 21 - Series 3 Fairytale

Dad tells Bluey and Bingo a real-life fairy tale about growing up in a wild place called the 80s, about a boy who was cursed when he was mean to his little brother.


Episode 22 - Series 3 Ragdoll

Dad agrees to take Bluey and Bingo to the shops to buy an ice-cream if they can get him into the car. Only problem is... he's just entered 'Ragdoll' mode!


Episode 23 - Series 3 Faceytalk

Bluey and Bingo love to videochat with Muffin and Socks so they can all draw pictures together. When Muffin won't give Socks a turn, the kids discover what happens when you hog.


Episode 24 - Series 3 Family Meeting

When Dad's accused of 'fluffing' in Bluey's face as he climbed out of bed, he's put on trial with Mum as the judge and Bluey and Bingo as witnesses. But what was Bluey doing there?


Episode 25 - Series 3 Whale Watching

Bluey promises her customer Bingo 'the best tour ever' in a game of Whale Watching, but they need Mum and Dad to join in and they are too tired to play after a late night.


Episode 26 - Series 3 Tina

Tired of being told what to do, Bluey and Bingo enlist their giant invisible friend to show Mum and Dad who's boss. Now they can do anything they want, until Mum and Dad rebel.


Episode 27 - Series 3 Driving

With only five minutes to play 'Driving', Bluey and Mum race against the clock to buy milk for a grumpy guest and have to escape an angry shopkeeper.


Episode 28 - Series 3 Pizza Girls

Bluey and Bingo are making mud pizzas and delivering them to the grownups, but their pedal car's wheel keeps falling off!


Episode 29 - Series 3 Rain

When a heavy summer rain thunders over the Heeler home, Bluey is determined to dam the water in the front yard, while Mum tries to stop her constantly tracking mud into the house.


Episode 30 - Series 3 Pavlova

Mum won't let Bingo have Pavlova, so the kids find a way by playing a cheeky game of Cafe in the kitchen. But Dad the chef sets up a competing shop that only serves edamame beans.


Episode 31 - Series 3 Phones

Bluey and Bingo want to play restaurants with Grandad, but it's a little different than he's used to... he's going to need an app to order the food!


Episode 32 - Series 3 Explorers

While waiting to be picked up from school, Jack plays at being a sailor trying to find his way back home to Australia. Meanwhile, Jack's Dad has got lost on route to collect him.


Episode 33 - Series 3 Pass the Parcel

Lucky's Dad is outraged that modern Pass the Parcel has a present in every layer and changes the rules back to only having one prize in the middle, but Bingo is forever losing.


Episode 34 - Series 3 Housework

Mum and Dad vow to only finish their boring housework when the kids stop acting silly, but that's never going to happen, so they end up trying the same approach themselves.


Episode 35 - Series 3 Sheep Dog

Dad agrees to play Sheepdog with Bluey and Bingo to stop them from disturbing Mum who is taking a well-earned rest. But looking after a sheep is harder work than they expected.


Episode 36 - Series 3 Chest

Dad tries to teach Bluey how to play chess, but Mum thinks she is still too young. When Bingo joins in, the kids make up their own rules, but they still can't beat Dad.


Episode 37 - Series 3 Magic

Bluey teaches Bingo how to use magic so she can make Mum play with her, but she forgets to explain the most important rule - never use magic for cheekiness!


Episode 38 - Series 3 Curry Quest

Bingo and Dad must brave a swooping magpie protecting its nest, when they go on a curry swap to Mackenzie's house through the park.


Episode 39 - Series 3 Unicorse

Bluey can't get to sleep, so Mum reads her one last story. But they are interrupted by Unicorse, the most annoying hand puppet in the world, whom Bluey tries to reform.


Episode 40 - Series 3 Mini Bluey

When Dad complains about how dissimilar Bluey and Bingo are, Bluey hatches a plan to make them more alike and happily introduces Mini-Bluey!


Episode 41 - Series 3 Born Yesterday

Dad pretends he was born yesterday. Bluey and Bingo have to guide him through his second day on Earth, especially when he discovers food is delicious and steals Lucky's Dad's pie.


Episode 42 - Series 3 Omelette

Bingo is helping Mum make an omelette for Dad's birthday breakfast, but cracking eggs is harder than it looks, and Dad is getting hungrier by the minute.


Episode 43 - Series 3 Promises

Bluey keeps breaking her promises! But after seeing how much Bingo trusts Mum's word, Bluey learns the power of promises and why it's important not to break them.


Episode 44 - Series 3 Obstacle Course

Mum sets up a backyard obstacle course just for fun, but Dad wants to race! Now the kids are determined to win by any means necessary.


Episode 45 - Series 3 Bedroom

Bluey is excited to get her own room. But when bed time comes, she misses Bingo more than she expected and must find a way to stay in touch with her sister.



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