Compass Season 27 Episodes

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Season 27 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Series 27 Whatever Happened To The Freemasons?

Freemasons up until quite recently were shrouded in secrecy and tightly-maintained traditions. Now, faced with declining membership, they've had to relax their rules. So, what does this silent band of brothers actually do?


Episode 2 - Series 27 Whatever Happened To The Orange People?

In the '70s and '80s followers of an Indian 'sex-guru' stood out in Australia with their bright orange clothes and unusual names. But when the controversial movement imploded, the Orange People seemed to disappear.


Episode 3 - Series 27 Whatever Happened To The Charismatics?

Forty years ago a radical new religious movement erupted in Australia. But within 20 years it was over... So what happened to the Charismatics?


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