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Episode 1 - Series 34 Sacred Space - Tom Keneally

Geraldine Doogue seeks powerful connection with prominent Australians. Prolific author/playwright/essayist Tom Keneally reveals his relationship with people long dead and the place they are buried at Sydney's North Head.


Episode 2 - Series 34 Whatever Happened to Sunday School?

Sunday School began in 18th century England to teach factory children how to read and write. When introduced to Australia it quickly became a fixture for many Christian families. So why was it so popular? And where is it now?


Episode 3 - Series 34 Whatever Happened to the Kibbutzim?

The first Kibbutz was founded in Israel over 100 years ago. It combined communal living & Zionist philosophy with the aim of making the desert bloom. A group of young Aussies travel to Israel for a life-changing adventure.


Episode 4 - Series 34 Whatever Happened To The Hare Krishna?

The Hare Krishna movement arrived in the West in the 1960s at the height of the youth revolution. Temples and farming communities soon sprang up around the world. But it didn't necessarily turn out the way everyone had hoped.


Episode 5 - Series 34 Whatever Happened to the CWA?

Once upon a time, every Australian town had a branch of the 'Cranky Women's Association'. Today there are fewer halls but the mission remains the same 'to improve life for women and children living in rural and remote areas'.


Episode 6 - Series 34 Bill Crews v Coronavirus

As coronavirus threatens delivery of services to the disadvantaged, Compass follows Bill Crews, his staff and volunteers as they fight to keep the Exodus Foundation's doors open for their guests in-the-midst of the pandemic.


Episode 7 - Series 34 The Singing Priest

Rob Galea is a priest whose conversion to Catholicism followed a tumultuous adolescence in Malta. Now an accomplished singer working from a parish in Bendigo he works to engage young people through song.


Episode 8 - Series 34 Material Gain

The Red Cross, St Vincent de Paul and The Salvation Army are collaborating on a project called Moving the Needle. Hoping to change behaviour in every part of the fashion circle by involving government, industry and consumers.


Episode 9 - Series 34 Stories Of Sacrifice

Dr Meredith Lake award-winning author of "The Bible in Australia" links the Easter story of renewal and the ANZAC story of sacrifice from a uniquely Australian perspective.


Episode 10 - Series 34 For The Love Of Creation

As more people of faith become climate change activists, three Australian Christians reveal what leads them to take non-violent action in support of the climate emergency.


Episode 11 - Series 34 Perfect Match

Increasing numbers of older people are living alone, while students and low income earners are finding it hard to find places to live as rents soar. Compass follows people taking first steps to match and hopefully hit it off.


Episode 12 - Series 34 Sacred Space - James Ricketson

Geraldine Doogue seeks powerful connection with prominent Australians through an investigation of their sacred space. Filmmaker James Ricketson talks about his connection to his home in the northern beaches of Sydney.


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