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Episode 1 - Series 35 The Jesuit Who Dared

As a Jesuit priest, Michael Kelly rocked the foundations of the Catholic Church in Australia. Now grappling with life-changing health challenges, Geraldine Doogue examines the legacy of a man who has achieved a great deal.


Episode 2 - Series 35 I Never Forget a Face

A successful photographer is thrown into a confronting journey of self-discovery when he learns he may have a neurological disorder.


Episode 3 - Series 35 Sacred Space - Craig Foster

Soccer legend and human rights activist Craig Foster takes Geraldine Doogue on an intriguing journey into his past to reconnect with his Sacred Space.


Episode 4 - Series 35 Too Much Stuff

Minimalist and author Sarah Wilson explores what our over-consumption is doing to our hearts and souls, investigating why is it so hard for people to resist new things even when we know we already have too much.


Episode 5 - Series 35 Through Our Eyes

A unique project which draws high school students in Timor and Australia into a cultural exchange through photographing their daily lives in their country and writing about what the photo means to them.


Episode 6 - Series 35 Points of Difference

Disability advocate Nicole Lee is a breath of fresh air introducing a range of dynamic women who reveal what it's like for people with disabilities to deal with the able bodied world's misconceptions.


Episode 7 - Series 35 God is a Wandjina

Janet Oobagooma, and her old friend Gudu travel from their remote Aboriginal community home in Mowanjum in the West Kimberley to visit the place they grew up - the abandoned Presbyterian mission of Kunmunya.


Episode 8 - Series 35 Fire, Flood and Resilience

Lismore is one of the most socially and religiously diverse parts of Australia. From traditional owners, to Buddhists, Catholics - to Knitting-Nanna activists, care for their environment is at the heart of what they do.


Episode 9 - Series 35 Sacred Space - Grace Karskens

Geraldine Doogue seeks powerful connection with prominent Australians through an investigation of their sacred space and what it means to them. Here historian Grace Karskens introduces her special place.


Episode 10 - Series 35 Instagram Utopia?

Kumi Taguchi explores the world of Byron Bay influencers, including Ella Noah Bancroft a Bundjalung storyteller, mentor and activist. Plus micro influencers and parenting gurus Jayde Couldwell and Sophie Pearce.


Episode 11 - Series 35 One of a Kind

Peter Macleod-Miller is the rector of St. Matthew's Anglican Church in Albury. He has now built a church community that welcomes everyone. Compass explores what makes this eccentric and fiercely opinionated minister tick.


Episode 12 - Series 35 The Accidental Advocate

George Newhouse is founder of the National Justice Project, arguably the number one human rights firm in Australia. George has been fighting for the rights of refugees and the nation's first people for decades.


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