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Episode 1 - Series 36 Hands in the Air

Pentecostalism is one of the fastest growing religious movements in the world. What's the appeal and why are young people drawn to it? Compass visits the Life House Church in Murray Bridge, South Australia to find answers


Episode 2 - Series 36 Indira's Tree

When broadcaster Indira Naidoo's sister suicided, Indira sought solace in her daily walks. Through nature's cycle of renewal - and with the help of some key people, she found her own ways to keep living.


Episode 3 - Series 36 The Accidental Archivist

Julie Peters is a legend in the trans community in Australia and was the first person to transition at the ABC. Over the years she's collected one of the most comprehensive trans archives in the country.


Episode 4 - Series 36 We Come To Take You Home

Kamilaroi elder Bob Weatherall has spent a lifetime working tirelessly to bring home sacred Indigenous ancestral remains that are stored in museums and universities all over the world.


Episode 5 - Series 36 Sacred Space: Maggie Dent

Author and parenting guru Maggie Dent introduces her sacred place, an ocean pool on the south coast of NSW.


Episode 6 - Series 36 Sacred Space: Jack Beetson

Geraldine Doogue meets Ngemba man Prof Jack Beetson - one of the first Aboriginal Australians to complete a university degree in adult education. Jack has served as a vanguard for education initiatives throughout Australia.


Episode 7 - Series 36 Raising Her Voice

Youth advocate and influencer Yasmin Poole, presents this election episode with a focus on the rise of female independents and a return to ethics and community values in politics.


Episode 8 - Series 36 The Nun in the Cage

At 87 activist nun Sister Brigid Arthur works closely with refugees and is acting as litigation guardian for eight teenagers seeking to block a coal mine expansion. We unpack Sister Brigid's long activism and her motivation.


Episode 9 - Series 36 The Architect and the Mosque

In Sydney's west a new mosque has just opened after more than twenty years in the making. Its Greek Orthodox architect claims his religious background has helped shape its unusual appearance.


Episode 10 - Series 36 Beyond The Bill

The federal government's contentious Religious Discrimination Bill is now suspended indefinitely, but the problem of competing freedoms remains. Compass reveals the personal stories of those still affected.


Episode 11 - Series 36 Safdar Ahmed is Still Alive

A graphic novelist, death metal musician and Islamic Studies academic, Safdar's artistic work is driven by social advocacy and the Refugee Art Project. He uses art as a form of therapy to help himself and others.


Episode 12 - Series 36 Sacred Space: Marc Fennell

Geraldine Doogue meets media man extraordinaire Marc Fennell. Geraldine discovers another side to Marc as he reveals his sacred space is the kitchen, where life, food and family connect past to present.


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