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Episode 1 - Series 37 Episode 1 It Can Happen to Anyone

Introducing new Compass host, Indira Naidoo. The story of former socialite and high-flyer Glen-Marie Frost who suddenly became homeless in her sixties, joining the swelling ranks of women over fifty with nowhere to live.


Episode 2 - Series 37 Episode 2 Peacock Mormons

Jeremy Fernandez joins former Mormon missionary Brad Harker and other members of the flamboyant Peacock Mormons as they prepare to march in the World Pride Mardi Gras parade.


Episode 3 - Series 37 Episode 3 The Love Of My Life

Gail and Lisette are a transgender lesbian couple in their sixties. Having lived their lives as men and fathers up until now, their marriage is a bold, uncompromising love story they proudly wish to share with the world.


Episode 4 - Series 37 Episode 4 Sacred Space - Julie McCrossin

Activist and comedian Julie McCrossin takes Geraldine Doogue through her life journey. She talks coming out in the '70s, surviving cancer, and finding strength in her friend Sophie and her parents' holocaust survival story.


Episode 5 - Series 37 Episode 5 The Sweatshoppers

Michael Mohammed Ahmad is one of Australia's most exciting emerging writers. Founder of the Sweatshop writers' collective in Western Sydney, he's proof that when it comes to transforming society, the pen is mightier than the sword.


Episode 6 - Series 37 Episode 6 Searching For Patsy

Journalist Jason Om and his Muslim half-sister set out to understand the late mother they never really knew. They uncover harsh truths and break silences about their beloved mother, the complex and charming Patsy.


Episode 7 - Series 37 Episode 7 Lottery of Life

The decision to donate organs from a loved one presents families with one of life's most difficult moments. Compass meets the recipients, donor families, nurses and doctors as they confront these complex questions.


Episode 8 - Series 37 Episode 8 Death and the Poet

When beloved Australian poet Robert Adamson was diagnosed with terminal cancer, Compass was invited into his home to share his final weeks of creating a "good death" with family and lifelong friends.


Episode 9 - Series 37 Episode 9 The Gangster Pastor

Tony Hoang was once a teenage heroin dealer and gangster in Cabramatta. But after several stints in jail, he cried out to God and found a new, controversial brotherhood with very different rules.


Episode 10 - Series 37 Episode 10 Freeing the Song

Freeing the Song follows the origins of the gospel choir movement in Australia. It features the voices of those touched by choirmaster Tony Backhouse's music including Sam Neill and Jenny Morris.


Episode 11 - Series 37 Episode 11 Dancing on the Inside

A group of professional dancers work with incarcerated youth, resulting in an extraordinary dance work ultimately performed at the Sydney Dance Company. A story of the healing power of dance.


Episode 12 - Series 37 Episode 12 Julia Gillard

Former PM Julia Gillard in conversation with Compass host Indira Naidoo at the Sydney Town Hall. In partnership with the Sydney Writers Festival.


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