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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - One Big Family

Ratings are down and heads may roll at the Frontline office.


Episode 2 - Workin' Class Man

Frontline attempts to boost its blue-collar audience with Mike Moore taking on the unlikely role of a "working class hero".


Episode 3 - Heroes and Villains

The Frontline team is hot on the heels of a racist academic.


Episode 4 - Office Mole

Mike is bored but when the Frontline crew suspects that someone is leaking their stories to A Current Affair, he springs into action.


Episode 5 - Basic Instincts

When Frontline cameraman Stuart tapes a savage bashing, the story is aired — with disastrous results.


Episode 6 - Let the Children Play

Sam is keen to boost the ratings by building a playground for underprivileged kids.


Episode 7 - Divide the Community, Multiply the Ratings

When ethnic violence explodes on the streets, the Frontline team is there to capture it.


Episode 8 - Keeping Up Appearances

When a tragically scarred woman agrees to sell her story, the price is too high.


Episode 9 - All Work and No Fame

Mike is concerned he is not being taken seriously as a journalist.


Episode 10 - Changing the Face of Current Affairs

In an effort to combat falling ratings, network management hire an American consultant to rejuvenate Frontline's image but his changes do not quite work out as planned.


Episode 11 - A Man of His Convictions

When Mike is accused of being a lightweight in an editorial cartoon, he decides to hit back and joins a protest by The Wilderness Society.


Episode 12 - The Great Pretenders

Mike is upset when a viewer accuses the show of being irresponsible.


Episode 13 - Give 'em Enough Rope

When the network owner announces he wants to be interviewed on Frontline, Mike is thrown into an ethical spin.



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