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Episode 1 - Dick on the Line

It's the end of another successful season at Frontline, but after three years at the helm, Mike Moore is not happy.


Episode 2 - My Generation

After giving a talk at a school, Mike becomes concerned that Frontline is presenting a negative view of young people.


Episode 3 - The Shadow We Cast

When an independent Queensland MP makes a controversial maiden speech, the Frontline Team swings into action.


Episode 4 - One Rule for One

After attacking a dubious property developer on air, Mike starts to receive death threats.


Episode 5 - A Hole in the Heart – Part 1

A media frenzy breaks out after Marty does a story on a young New Guinea boy in need of an operation.


Episode 6 - A Hole in the Heart – Part 2

Mike is excited about playing a charity golf game with Ian Baker-Finch until he finds out he is not in the main group.


Episode 7 - The Simple Life

Mike is seen bidding at a luxury house auction, buying high-priced art and even make it into BRW's "Richest Entertainers List", coming in behind The Wiggles.


Episode 8 - Get the Big Names

Mike is convinced the only reason he gets the big name guests is because he is such a good interviewer.


Episode 9 - The Art of the Interview

An up and coming executive producer seeks advice from Prowse on what makes Mike such a good interviewer.


Episode 10 - Disease

A new researcher discovers the truth that in current affairs, ego rules. Meanwhile, Mike is working on a book about himself.


Episode 11 - Addicted to Fame

Mike decides to reduce his public profile, but soon finds it hard living without publicity.


Episode 12 - The Code

Mike is furious when Friday night funny man Elliot Rhodes offends a colleague, and he decides to have him sacked.


Episode 13 - Epitaph

Mike wants to make his mark as a journalist, and decides to tackle the problem of Aboriginal health.



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