House Hunters International Season 173 Episodes

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Season 173 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - He Shed, She Said in Cloncurry, Australia

A Norwegian is following her heart to Australia's outback to live with her truck-driving boyfriend; with a tight budget, it will be a struggle to persuade this gearhead.


Episode 2 - Opportunity Knocks in the Netherlands

A Canadian family takes a life-changing job opportunity and relocates to The Hague, Netherlands; they're looking forward to much needed family time with two teenagers in tow.


Episode 3 - Mission: Milton Keynes, UK

A young, married couple relocates for a military assignment to Milton Keynes, England; she's leaving everything behind for his career and wants the full English experience.


Episode 4 - From Luxurious Dubai to London's Suburban Sprawl

After 16 years in Dubai, a couple returns with their daughter to his native London; they're trading a life of pampered norms for suburban sprawl.


Episode 5 - Texas Teacher to Costa Rica

A Texas teacher decides to ditch her stressful teaching career for a more peaceful lifestyle in Costa Rica; she puts her entire life savings into her first home purchase.


Episode 6 - From Small Town Jersey to Big Dreams in Costa Rica

An entrepreneur relocates to open a health retreat in Costa Rica; he's looking for a property, but with limited experience in the area, finding the right place will be a challenge


Episode 7 - Terra Firma in Berkshire, England

A newlywed couple move to his hometown of Berkshire, England; they met while working on a ship and have only lived together at sea, so settling down will be a big adjustment.


Episode 8 - California Dreams on a Mission in Stuttgart

A California family looks to transfer with a military promotion to Stuttgart, Germany; they want their kids to have a deeper world view.


Episode 9 - Cowboys and Kangaroos in Caloundra, Australia

A Texas family moves to the laid-back town of Caloundra, Australia; they're looking for a place with room for visitors, she wants a pool, but he doesn't want the extra maintenance


Episode 10 - Entrepreneuring in Amsterdam

A penny-wise entrepreneur looks to uproot his Florida family to start a business overseas in Amsterdam; his wife wants to live the Dutch dream no matter the cost.


Episode 11 - A Backpacker's Dream Down Under

A couple relocates their family from England to run a backpacker's hostel in Cairns, Australia; She's looking for a classic Queenslander but he prefers something more modern.


Episode 12 - Big Dreams, Cramped Reality in London

A California family chases a lifelong dream of living abroad and follows a job opportunity to London.


Episode 13 - Simpler Living in Nosara, Costa Rica

A California family of six looks for a simpler and more humble lifestyle in Costa Rica.


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