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Season 176 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - A Chef's Kiss in Vaucluse

A couple opens a restaurant in Vaucluse, France; the chef has a grand vision for the perfect home business, but his husband wants to stretch out their savings.


Episode 2 - Globetrotting to Haarlem, Netherlands

After the birth of their son, a couple leaves their upperclass lifestyle in South Africa for more family time in Haarlem, Netherlands.


Episode 3 - Manhattan Island to Cork, Ireland

A New York couple share the ideal of living abroad to Cork, Ireland; while they eagerly pursue their dream, high expectations cause some friction on their rental hunt.


Episode 4 - Coventry or Bust

A grad student wants his Canadian girlfriend to join him for school in Coventry, England.


Episode 5 - Californians Take Tax Practice to France

An accountant from Los Angeles is searching for a starter home in Nice, France, as a first step to expanding her business internationally.


Episode 6 - Out With the Cold, In With the New

Buying a house is no easy task, but when it's in another country, imagine the stresses of negotiating in a foreign language.


Episode 7 - Too Much Drama for Mama in Stockholm, Sweden

A single mother has big plans for a better work-life balance with a family move to Stockholm, Sweden, but her outspoken teenage daughters' demands for more space and privacy.


Episode 8 - To Make or Not Make a List

After the birth of their son, a couple leaves Washington, D.C., to follow her roots back to Brisbane, Australia; she has a set list of everything their family needs.


Episode 9 - The Kids Are All Right, in Madrid

When their rent doubles in the U.S., recent college grads decide to move to Madrid; his long-time love of Spain made their choice of destination easy.


Episode 10 - A Newlywed Homecoming in France

A French native is returning to France to take advantage of a work opportunity in Montpellier; while her American husband adores French food, culture and charm.


Episode 11 - Expecting Big Spaces in the Small City of Alcala de Henares

After two decades together in Chicago, a couple moves to the small Spanish city of Alcalá de Henares to pursue a degree and a dream.


Episode 12 - Freedom and Firsts in France

Armed with an online teaching job, a grad is ready to explore the French way of life with her first-ever apartment in Toulouse, France.


Episode 13 - Expanding Horizons on a Shrinking Income

A young couple relocates so she can get her master's degree and he can work on a novel in Madrid.


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