House Hunters Season 184 Episodes

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Season 184 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Palm Springs Pains in the Back

A couple looks to upgrade to a home that has potential to host large charity events in Palm Springs, California, but they have issues agreeing on style.


Episode 2 - Oversized Wish List in Kansas City

A surgeon is moving his wife and family to Kansas City, Missouri. She wants a big, bright farmhouse while he wants a home with character, in a traditional neighborhood.


Episode 3 - Mom Knows Best in Colorade Springs

A single woman has fallen in love with the city of Colorado Springs, Colorado, and wants to buy a condo near downtown. Her mom, however, is urging her to think long-term.


Episode 4 - Big Dreams vs Frugal Fancies in Arizona

A couple looks for a new home in Phoenix. He's willing to spend more for a move-in ready house while she's more frugal and hopes to put a little sweat equity into a smaller place.


Episode 5 - City vs. Country in Chattanooga

Young newlyweds who recently moved to Chattanooga for his job are deadlocked. She wants to buy a house near downtown while he wants to be closer to his work in the country.


Episode 6 - A Living Room for Each Tree in Albany

A couple looks for a bigger home for their growing family in Albany, New York, but finding a place that meets her quirky needs and his picky taste may be harder than they think.


Episode 7 - First Things First in New Jersey

An engaged New Jersey couple wants to start their lives together in a new home, but with the wedding just weeks away, he wants to buy now and she'd rather be working on centerpieces.


Episode 8 - Atlanta Suburbs or Bust!

Young parents want more space to grow their family in Atlanta. She wants to hang on to their youth by living in the city, while he wants to relive his childhood in the suburbs.


Episode 9 - Mermaid Needs a Home in Key West

After years of apartment living, a professional mermaid and her husband look for a house to provide stability for their nine-year-old daughter.


Episode 10 - Sweating the Details in Georgia

A couple wants to get their family out of temporary housing and into a home of their own outside Atlanta.


Episode 11 - Three's Not a Crowd in Colorade Springs

A "throuple" moving to Colorado is in search of a home with a master bath that can accommodate three sinks. With only one week to satisfy three very different personalities.


Episode 12 - She Must Be on the Water in Boca Raton

A couple has very different priorities for their first house in Boca Raton, Florida. She absolutely has to have a place on the water, and doesn't care if it's small. He wants space.


Episode 13 - The Mountain Life in Colorado

A couple moves from Dallas to Grand Junction, Colorado, to live the mountain lifestyle. She wants a grand home with plenty of room while he wants a lot of land for horses.


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