House Hunters Season 187 Episodes

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Season 187 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Dreaming in Los Angeles

A Los Angeles couple have spent their entire married lives in a very walkable West Hollywood. Finding something affordable where they don't have to drive is a challenge.


Episode 2 - Big Commitment in Connecticut

A Connecticut couple has dated for two years and is ready to make a commitment by buying a house together.


Episode 3 - Big Problems in Schenectady County

A couple that's ready to buy their first home in New York, He's 7 feet 2 inches tall and wants high ceilings but she's focused on a kitchen for herself.


Episode 4 - Purchasing in Portland

A young couple has outgrown their small rental in Portland. They're looking for a home where they can grow both their business and family.


Episode 5 - Should We Stay or Should We Go in Indiana

After surviving a major health scare, a woman wants to live life to the fullest by upgrading to her dream home.


Episode 6 - New House Needed Now in Greenville

A family is living in a hotel with their two-year-old daughter as they search for a new home in South Carolina. She wants new construction and he's looking for a yard to maintain.


Episode 7 - Rigid Wish List in Virginia

A Virginia couple looks to purchase a home in Virginia. With a recent diagnosis of high-functioning autism, he's hyper-focused on his wish list.


Episode 8 - Room for Six in Massachusetts

A Massachusetts couple with a toddler searches for a larger house to grow their family. She's looking for a Victorian in the suburbs while he wants to stay closer to the city.


Episode 9 - Big Dispute in the Big Apple

A New York City couple searches for their first home. He wants a move-in ready condo, but she would prefer a spacious brownstone, even if it needs work.


Episode 10 - Better Late Than Never in Seattle

A Seattle couple is at odds over their home purchase. One is looking for a classic house that brings up memories of childhood, while the other just dreams of big dollar signs.


Episode 11 - Finally in Philadelphia

A single woman is finally ready to buy her first home. After all her waiting, however, she's shocked to discover that her budget won't go as far as she imagined.


Episode 12 - Culture Clash in Indianapolis

A couple's backgrounds are making their first home purchase in Indianapolis a challenge. She grew up in the burbs , while he's from Madagascar and doesn't mind keeping it simple.


Episode 13 - Business or Pleasure in Florida

A busy New York couple is looking for a vacation home in Florida. She's thinking about a property for the family, while he's all about making it produce the most income possible.


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