House Hunters Season 188 Episodes

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Season 188 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Minnesota Dreamin'

A husband has convinced his wife to move from sunny Los Angeles to his snowy home state of Minnesota in search of affordable housing.


Episode 2 - Over Mom's Advice in Orlando

A law school grad about to take the bar exam wants to buy a fixer-upper in Orlando, Florida, but her opinionated mom thinks taking on a project is a bad idea.


Episode 3 - A Louisiana Purchase

An engaged couple is at odds on their house hunt. She dreams of living in an updated house in New Orleans close to her friends and the city life, while he wants a large fixer-upper.


Episode 4 - Clear Differences in Chicago

A husband and wife in Chicago have differences in their dreams for a home. Unwilling move out of his comfort zone, he hires his college buddy to be their real estate agent.


Episode 5 - Worrisome in Wilmington

A young couple in Delaware, wants to buy a house together despite having never cohabited. He wants a Colonial fixer-upper, but she is worried that he has no idea what he's doing.


Episode 6 - Good Energy in Palm Springs

An urban couple doesn't see eye-to-eye on their house hunt in Palm Springs, California.


Episode 7 - The Great Dallas Dilemma

A Dallas couple is ready to find their perfect house, but they have very different opinions on what that means.


Episode 8 - A Room for Everyone in Arizona

A family in Phoenix is looking for a place with more living and bathroom space. Although Mom wants to set a strict budget, she and Dad can't agree on how much to spend.


Episode 9 - Put a Ring on It

A young Nashville couple is ready to buy their first house together, but he's being a stickler about cost and doesn't want to go a single penny over their budget.


Episode 10 - Keeping Up With the Joneses in DC

A young professional living with her mom is desperate to get her own place outside of Washington, DC.


Episode 11 - Moving in Together in Milwaukee

A young Milwaukee couple looking to buy a home. She is excited for something old and charming, but he is a modern architect and sees past the charm.


Episode 12 - Spending Big in Vegas

A couple is looking to hit the jackpot on a home in fabulous Las Vegas. She is ready to spend big, but he is determined to sell her on an affordable fixer-upper.


Episode 13 - A Tempest in Tampa

In order to be near family, a couple moving from New York to Tampa. While he wants something ultramodern, she is hoping for something more midcentury.


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