It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

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6:00 pm - 6:30 pm | Thursday 4th July

Comedy Sitcom


The High School Reunion



Part 1 of 2. The gang have much to prove when they attend their high-school reunion. They meet old friends and make new foes as they stroll?make that trip?down memory lane.

Rob McElhenney
Danny DeVito
Ian Reed Kesler
Kaitlin Olson
Sasha Roiz
Catherine Reitman
Glenn Howerton
Charlie Day
Mary Elizabeth Ellis
Nick Wechsler
Eoin O'Shea
David Hornsby
Nathan Followill
Caleb Followill
Jared Followill
Cormac Bluestone
Nikki McKenzie
Shasi Wells
Frances Turner


HDTV - 720p
Released 2011