After the Thin Man

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03:30 am - 06:00 am | Sunday 21st July

Mystery & Suspense


The second entry in the comedy-whodunit series finds married sleuths Nick and Nora Charles in San Francisco, where they get involved in a murder case in which her lovely cousin is a suspect. The screenplay by Albert Hackett and Frances Goodrich was nominated for an Oscar.


Language - English
Original Broadcast/Premiere - 1936


Cast & Crew
Stars James Stewart, Teddy Hart, Richard Loo, Penny Singleton, William Law, Edie Adams, Murray Alper, Billy Benedict, Edith Kingdon, Joseph Calleia, William Buress, Jack Norton, John T. Murray, Constantine Romanoff, Tom Ricketts, Baldwin Cooke, Vince Barnett, George Zucco, Donald Briggs, Harry Tyler, Zeffie Tilbury, Joe Phillips, Sherry Hall, George Guhl, Guy Usher, Mary Gordon, John Butler, Alan Marshal, Joe Caits, Sue Moore, Elissa Landi, Myrna Loy, Ben Hall, Heinie Conklin, Thomas Pogue, Bobby Watson, George Reed, Eric Wilton, Charles Arnt, Ernie Alexander, Jessie Ralph, Monte Vandergrift, Dorothée, Dick Rush, Paul Fix, Edgar Dearing, Ed Allen, John Kelly, Charles Trowbridge, William Powell, Jack Adair, William Burress, Clarence Kolb, Dorothy Vaughan, Harvey Parry, Maude Turner Gordon, Sam Levene, Alice Smith


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