Black Moon Rising - Cast

Find out who is in the cast of Black Moon Rising tonight


Tommy Lee Jones
Also starred in: Men In Black II (VF) , U.S. Marshals , The Fugitive
Linda Hamilton
Also starred in: Mr. Destiny , Alistair MacLean's Air Force One Is Down (Español) , Children of the Corn
Robert Vaughn
Also starred in: Bullitt , The Bridge At Remagen , Julius Caesar
Richard Jaeckel
Also starred in: Cowboy , Walking Tall 2 , Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid
Bubba Smith
Also starred in: Police Academy , Police Academy 3 , Police Academy 5
Lee Ving
Also starred in: Flashdance , Clue , The Decline of Western Civilization: Part I
William Sanderson
Also starred in: Pastacolypse , Blade Runner (The Final Cut) , True Blood
Nick Cassavetes
Also starred in: The Hangover Part II , Face/Off , Blind Fury

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