This Boy's Life - Cast

Find out who is in the cast of This Boy's Life tonight


Robert De Niro
Also starred in: Analyze That , Last Vegas , The Good Shepherd
Ellen Barkin
Also starred in: Animal Kingdom , She Hate Me , Into The West
Leonardo DiCaprio
Also starred in: J. Edgar , Blood Diamond , The Departed
Jonah Blechman
Also starred in: Swan Song , Flytrap , Another Gay Movie (Director's Cut)
Eliza Dushku
Also starred in: Banshee , Race the Sun , The New Guy
Chris Cooper
Also starred in: Syriana , City of Hope , Interstate 60
Carla Gugino
Also starred in: Michael (1996) , Sucker Punch (Extended Cut) (2011) , Son-in-Law
Zachary Ansley
Michael Bacall
Also starred in: Free Willy , Gangster Squad , Urban Legends: Final Cut

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