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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Griff Is In The House!

The Ross kids return to Camp Kikiwaka for the summer and are surprised by some of the new changes—Ravi has a new bunkmate and Woodchuck cabin has a new counselor!


Episode 2 - Dance in My Pants

Camp Kikiwaka hosts its annual dance, which has Tiffany and Zuri hopeful that they’ll dance with a cute boy. Emma learns that Lou and Xander have a history.


Episode 3 - Zuri Had a Little Lamb

Lou assigns Zuri and Emma barn duty. Meanwhile, the boys discover that Gladys has been hiding a secret in the woods!


Episode 4 - Zuri Weasels Out

To Zuri’s dismay, Hazel makes her a CIT in the Weasel cabin. Jorge and Griff convince Ravi that the camp’s horse has a hidden talent.


Episode 5 - Queen of Screams

Jorge enters a short story contest and wins a dinner with his favorite horror novelist, Stephanie Queen. Meanwhile, Xander must act as referee between Emma and Ravi.


Episode 6 - Luke Out Below

Luke returns to camp and decides to take Griff and Zuri on an adventure to prove that he can be just as responsible as the other CITs.


Episode 7 - Camp Kiki-slasher

The campers start to mysteriously disappear one by one! But who is responsible?!


Episode 8 - Treehouse of Terror

Zuri, Jorge and Tiffany find an abandoned tree house and restore it to use as their new hangout! Emma and Lou compete against Ravi and Xander in a girl versus boy contest.


Episode 9 - Tidal Wave

Zuri helps Xander make a music video in the hopes of turning him into a social media star. Ravi and Lou try to do something nice for Griff.


Episode 10 - Fog'd In

A strange, toxic fog overtakes Camp Kikiwaka!


Episode 11 - How The Griff Stole Christmas

It’s holiday time at Camp Kikiwaka and everyone is in good spirits except for Griff.


Episode 12 - Food Fight

When Murphy challenges the kids to cook the camp dinner, a competition between campers ensues.


Episode 13 - Mother May I?

Lou is in awe when her hero, the legendary Christina Ross, pays a visit to Camp Kikiwaka. The boys from Grizzly Cabin head out for an overnight camping trip.


Episode 14 - Mud Fight

Against Ravi's wishes, Zuri, Tiffany and Jorge play in mud that they discover on a hike.


Episode 15 - Dog Days of Summer

The camp comes together after the death of Lou's dog.


Episode 16 - Bad Dog!

Lou’s new stray puppy wreaks havoc on the Woodchuck cabin.


Episode 17 - Camp Stinky Waka

When Tiffany’s mother comes to visit, the Woodchucks try to help Tiffany pretend that Camp Kikiwaka is a camp for geniuses.


Episode 18 - Cabin vs. Cabin

The Woodchuck, Grizzly, and Weasel cabins compete in Camp Kikiwaka’s annual “Cabin of the Year” competition.


Episode 19 - Dreams Come True

As the end of camp nears, Griff gets some unexpected news about his parole term.


Episode 20 - We Didn't Start the Fire

To celebrate their last night at camp, the kids go on an overnight camping trip. Ravi and Emma take their final tests to become counselors.


Episode 21 - The Great Escape

Xander and Emma learn two of their campers have a crush on one another.


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