Second Chorus - Cast

Find out who is in the cast of Second Chorus tonight


Fred Astaire
Also starred in: That's Dancing , A Damsel In Distress , Holiday Inn
Paulette Goddard
Also starred in: The Great Dictator , Modern Times , Laurel & Hardy: Berth Marks
Burgess Meredith
Also starred in: Castle on the Hudson , Such Good Friends , Clash of the Titans
Artie Shaw
Charles Butterworth (akteur)
Also starred in: The Cat and the Fiddle , Hollywood Party (1934) , Forsaking All Others
Frank Melton
Also starred in: Stand Up and Cheer! , The Affairs of Cappy Ricks , They Meet Again
Jimmy Conlin
Also starred in: The Shining Hour , The Great Rupert , The Palm Beach Story
Adia Kuznetzoff
Also starred in: Laurel and Hardy:Swiss Miss , Maytime (1937) , Lost in a Harem
Michael Visaroff
Also starred in: Mata Hari (1931) , Madame Curie , Freaks
Joseph Marievsky
Don Brodie
Also starred in: Laurel & Hardy: Sons of the Desert , Road to Singapore , Reckless (1935)
William \"Billy\" Benedict
Also starred in: Libeled Lady , Road to Utopia , Harlow
Ben Hall (actor)
Also starred in: Time Expired , The Gunslingers

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