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A Cut Above Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Cutting Down the Competition

Twelve of the world's top chainsaw carvers compete in the ultimate carving competition. This grueling twelve-week battle pushes the carvers to the extreme while expert judges decide who makes the cut and who's on the chopping block.


Episode 2 - Bowling Over the Competition

Eleven remain in the world's toughest chainsaw competition. A bowling challenge strikes up laughs while the Master Carve reveals the competitors' biggest hopes and fears. A shocking elimination stuns everyone.


Episode 3 - Bird Abodes and Big Bugs

This week's challenges are about the birds and the bees. For the Quick Carve, contestants design outrageous birdhouses. Things then get creepy-crawly in the Master Carve as the carvers supersize tiny insects in only seven hours.


Episode 4 - Wooden Quackers

The competition keeps heating up! The carvers bang out as many identical ducks as they can in just two hours then earn their sea legs creating figure heads for old wooden ships.


Episode 5 - Chainsaw Soapbox Derby

The carvers rev up their chainsaws for a soapbox derby competition, creating and racing cars made of wood. Then, the master carvers must work together in a team challenge.


Episode 6 - Carnival of Carving

As the challenges grow more difficult, the carvers test their resilience with a jam session, making musical instruments out of wood. The Master Carve leaves the competitors spinning as they create fantastical carousel animals ready to ride.


Episode 7 - Wet and Wild

The stakes continue to escalate in the Carving Circle. Things get wet and wild during a water-feature challenge and emotions cut deep when the Carvers bring their family stories to life.


Episode 8 - Opposite Day

A shocking twist kicks off this week's challenges and it's opposite day in the Carving Circle!


Episode 9 - Wearable Wood

The carvers put on a fashion show with wearable wooden helmets modeled by host Adam Beach. Then, the carvers travel back in time to create a piece that demonstrates gradual transformation.


Episode 10 - Flipping and Ripping

The five remaining carvers create working skateboards for judge and resident skater boy Ryan Cook. The Master Carve is turned upside-down as the carvers are asked to defy gravity.


Episode 11 - Subaquatic Sawing

The final Quick Carve weighs heavily on the contestants, who must create a wooden chain capable of lifting hundreds of pounds. The Master Carve has everyone feeling down as they create carvings that start under the sea.


Episode 12 - The Final Carve

In the season finale, three carvers force the judges to make the tough decision of who will win the $50,000 prize and the title of "A Cut Above."



Season 1

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