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Episode 1 - 101

Following a landmark 2018 court ruling to lift the ban on sports betting, Episode 1 introduces a diverse cross-section of the gambling community and explores the evolving impact legalization will have on the industry.


Episode 2 - 102

Professional gamblers, handicappers, polarizing consultants, illegal bookies and more are chronicled as the 2018 NFL season continues, revealing their introduction to legalized sports betting and the hazards of the industry.


Episode 3 - 103

As the 2018 NFL Playoffs kick off, professional gamblers, handicappers, polarizing consultants and daily fantasy players are chronicled as they make their picks during the busiest gambling period of the year.


Episode 4 - 104

As the 2018 NFL season concludes with Super Bowl LIII, professional gamblers, handicappers and more place wagers on the biggest gambling day of the year. Major sports leagues begin to embrace the gambling industry as legalization expands.



Season 1

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