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Aliens In Alaska Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Men In Black

A fleet of glimmering orbs stalk the skies above Anchorage. Strange men in black suits knock on the door of a UFO witness after an eerie light show in North Pole, Alaska. A woman is terrorized by a pack of small humanoid creatures that only she can see.


Episode 2 - Alien Flight Plan

A routine flight turns terrifying when a bush pilot witnesses unsettling UFO activity. A former government operative reveals top-secret coordinates to an alleged alien base. A man chases a playful pair of levitating lights across Juneau, Alaska.


Episode 3 - Night Stalkers

An extraterrestrial stalker leaves a family frozen in fear outside of Juneau, Alaska. A maritime monster nearly capsizes an aircraft on Alaska's famed Lake Iliamna. A hunter thwarts an attempted abduction by a fireball-spitting UFO.


Episode 4 - They Walk Among Us

Hunters unearth new clues about Bigfoot's cosmic origins. An Air Force veteran receives a shocking response when he reports UFO activity over Fairbanks. Piercing lights from above disrupt a late-night party near Wasilla, Alaska.


Episode 5 - Nightmare Below Zero

A man finds a mysterious implant in his leg after a nighttime snowmobile ride. Four friends witness the same eerie light show miles away from each other. An otherworldly beast stalks a family for three generations. A woman hears an unholy chorus.


Episode 6 - The Mother Ship

An amateur photographer captures floating orbs on camera. UFOs circle a larger, egg-shaped mother ship floating high above Anchorage. A brother and sister watch in awe as a massive aircraft disappears behind a mountain range.


Episode 7 - Captured

A couple finds massive footprints near Nancy Lake. Is something nonhuman stalking them? Strange lights circle above Fairbanks in coordinated patterns, shocking witnesses. A picturesque rainbow camouflages an extraterrestrial teleportation device.


Episode 8 - Above and Far Beyond

A legendary beast attacks a cabin on the Aleutian Islands. A UFO pursues a woman as she drives through an extraterrestrial hot spot. Triangular aircraft and bright orange lights are witnessed across Alaska. Who on earth is flying in these remote regions?



Season 1

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