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All-Star Academy Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Choosing Teams

Ten home cooks from around the country are about to embark on the greatest culinary adventure of their lives. Special guest judge Simon Majumdar will help decide which home cooks will have a chance to move on.


Episode 2 - Mentors' Choice

The eight remaining home cooks must reinvent famous food pairings to stay out of this week's elimination round. And these cooks won't want to disappoint because they'll be judged by Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian.


Episode 3 - Battle of the Mentors

For the first time ever, best friends Bobby Flay and Michael Symon try to take each other's teams down when all the mentors battle head-to-head for the advantage. Special guest judge Elizabeth Falkner helps get in on the action.


Episode 4 - Frenemies

Bobby, Alex, Curtis and Michael become two super teams, to make the most spectacular three-course steak dinner with their home cooks. The losing team goes from friends to instant enemies as they cook off against each other.


Episode 5 - Second Chances

Five home cooks remain as the mentors battle head-to-head to bring back an eliminated contestant of their choice. When the eliminated contestant returns, it's time for the six home cooks to battle it out.


Episode 6 - The Blind Taste Test

The mentors become the judges, doing a blind taste test to determine which home cooks will compete in the elimination round.


Episode 7 - Win and You're In

The four remaining home cooks face off in three of the toughest challenges yet. The winner of each round moves into the finale, with the last cook standing going home. Marc Murphy lends a hand in the penultimate episode.


Episode 8 - The Finale

The cooks must make it through three intense rounds of culinary challenges, all representing a meal in the life of your typical home cook. Plus, the contestants will get to cook side-by-side with their world-class mentor!



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