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Ancient Impossible Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Ultimate Weapons

We think of weapons of mass destruction as a modern concept, but the ancients also created fearsome weapons.


Episode 2 - Moving Mountains

How did the Ancients move impossibly huge objects? Why did the Roman forces at the siege of Masada decide to shift an entire mountain by hand?


Episode 3 - Monster Monuments

A massive monument carved out of solid rock, a monster-sized super-dome that defies the laws of gravity. These awe inspiring feats of engineering defy explanation.


Episode 4 - Warrior Tech

Today, modern soldiers are equipped with all the latest battlefield technology. But what cutting edge weapons and defenses were the ancient warriors armed with?


Episode 5 - Ancient Einsteins

Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, these are some of the most ingenious minds in history.


Episode 6 - Power Tools

These tools are not from the modern world, but are in fact thousands of years old. Most would be lost to time and not again for centuries. How was the ancient world able to create such incredible power tools?


Episode 7 - Greatest Ships

Some of the greatest ships in history were actually designed, built and sailed thousands of years ago.


Episode 8 - Biggest Builds

A mega factory is a modern invention--wrong--the ancients were the first to build these thousands of years ago.


Episode 9 - Roman Empire

The Roman Empire is known as one of the mightiest to ever rule the Earth.


Episode 10 - Extreme Engineering

When faced with impossible situations, the ancients didn't simply give up, they pursued the impossible. How did they get troops across a nearly 4,000 foot river?



Season 1

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