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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - S1 E1 Weasels and Ostriches

Frank slips his Slim Jim in Shred's back pocket as they approach a dozen ostriches.


Episode 2 - S1 E2 Rabbits and Pythons

A tech geek tells Frank his rabbits got into his special chocolate bars.


Episode 3 - S1 E3 Cougars and Kangaroos

Dispatch radios the team with a cougar sighting; Amit squares off with a kangaroo.


Episode 4 - S1 E4 Dogs and Bears and Minks

The team receives a 911 call on a bear in a hot tub; Frank questions his night with Dolores.


Episode 5 - S1 E5 Cows and Raccoons

Frank and Shred respond to a call of a distressed cow at a fraternity house.


Episode 6 - S1 E6 Skunks and Llamas

Emily and Victoria assist Dr. Summers with an alpaca birth; Frank and Patel visit Frank's dad.


Episode 7 - S1 E7 Peacocks and Pumas

Frank and Victoria stake out a squawking peacock; Emily and Patel attend to Shred.


Episode 8 - S1 E8 Hellhounds and Sturgeons

Dispatch radios with a report of an aggressive attack dog on the loose.


Episode 9 - S1 E9 Dogs and Geese

Dispatch radios a report of a goose on the loose; the precinct hosts an adoption day.


Episode 10 - S1 E10 Pigs and Minks

The team welcomes back Patel; Rick heads back into the field with Frank.


Episode 11 - S1 E11 Birds and Foxes

Rick asks Emily out on a date, just as Shred realizes he might have a thing for her.


Episode 12 - S1 E12 Unicorns and Mountain Lions

When the precinct's beloved mountain lion dies, Frank takes it especially hard.



Season 1

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