Bad Hair Day

Bad Hair Day Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 2 - Gettin' Wiggy With It

Jamie has transitioned from male to female, but she needs Dr. Angie's help to leave her wigs behind. Neshia's body hair causes oozing sores, and she prays Dr. Meena can help. Eric uses his long hair to hide a lipoma that he hopes Dr. Isha can remove.


Episode 3 - Psoriasis Barbie

Mir wants to ditch his comb-over for a full head of hair, but it may be too far gone for Dr. Angie to help. Dr. Meena shows Allie her hair might not be so "uncombable" after all. Dr. Isha treats Raven's psoriasis and gives her some much-needed tough love.


Episode 4 - A Trich-y Situation

Dr. Angie sees Holly, a patient with a deep, dark hair-related secret in need of help. Dr. Isha connects with single mom Vanh as she treats her pandemic-induced alopecia areata. Dr. Meena fights to help Devin keep his extreme body hair.


Episode 5 - Running Up Mat Hill (A Deal with Doc)

Dr. Angie treats Eva, a New Yorker who's gotten her long, flowing hair into a tangled and matted mess. Dr. Isha sees Glenn about a massive, confounding head growth. Dr. Meena meets Nellie, a Floridian with an unfortunate case of facial hair.


Episode 6 - Zero Plucks Given

Dr. Angie treats Laura, a Canadian with an eyebrow-raising predicament. Dr. Isha gets a whiff of Brian, a patient suffering from "Smelly Hair Syndrome." Dr. Meena sees Sherri, a stressed-out single mom with a severe case of alopecia.



Season 1

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