Battlebots: Bounty Hunters

Battlebots: Bounty Hunters Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Bronco's Back!

Bounty hunting season is here and eight teams are facing off in a new style of BattleBots tournament. Heavy hitters Captain Shrederator, Madchatter, Chomp, Rotator and more face off for a shot at Bronco, the greatest flipper-bot of all time!


Episode 2 - Predator Becomes Prey

The Bounty Tournament semi-finals bracket is set and the final four contenders are locked, loaded and ready to take down the most celebrated launcher bot in history. There's no time to rest and failure is not an option if they want a shot at immortality.


Episode 3 - Cold as Ice

Eight brave challengers face off for a chance to become the Bounty Hunter and get a shot at the legendary horizontal spinner bot Icewave. A $25,000 purse is at stake and both veterans and newcomers are prepared to do whatever it takes to go the distance.


Episode 4 - Hunt or be Hunted

The four remaining teams ramp up their strategies in their bid to claim a piece of the $25,000 prize and a shot at Icewave. Tires are torn, bots are brutalized, and tears are shed as the journey to the dangerous horizontal spinner bot intensifies.


Episode 5 - A Song of Fire and METAL

The fight to become the Bounty Hunter heats up as the armored Gruff takes on an upgraded Gemini while Mammoth and Smeee face off in a battle of ingenuity. But in the shadows awaits the grim reaper himself -- TOMBSTONE!


Episode 6 - Do we have a King Slayer?

The hunt for TOMBSTONE concludes as the semi finalists adjust their strategies to cash in the bounty. Hits are harder and parts fly farther, but will the newly crowned hunter be able to end Tombstone's reign?


Episode 7 - Hammer of the Gods

There's a huge cash bounty on the head of BETA, the world's most vicious hammer-bot. Eight hopefuls want to become the Bounty Hunter, including veteran Lock-Jaw, fiery Axe Backwards, flashy Hijinx, and grappler Slammow. Only one will survive.


Episode 8 - You Think You're Beta Than Me?

The final four teams are holding nothing back in their quest to become the Bounty Hunter. Their target: the huge cash bounty on the head of fearsome British Bot BETA with its terrifying hammer.



There's a huge cash bounty on the head of Witch Doctor, and eight hopefuls are determined to win it. But first they must defeat each other. Valkyrie, Huge, Subzero and Malice are among the stars setting out on the quest for glory.


Episode 10 - The Doctor is In

Four teams died, four survived. Only one will become the Bounty Hunter and earn the right to face the legend that is Witch Doctor. The prize is more than the huge cash sum at stake -- it's the chance to cut down a BattleBots icon.


Episode 11 - Reap What You SOW

A dynasty awaits as ​eight teams look to cash in the bounty on the formidable SON OF WHYACHI. Copperhead, Chronos, Kraken, Rusty, Grabot, Gigabyte, Perfect Phoenix and Big Dill all want a shot at the legend, but there can be only one Bounty Hunter!


Episode 12 - The Empire Swipes Back

Son of Whyachi is part of the famous robot dynasty that has dominated the sport for years. But will its reputation be up to the task when it faces the Bounty Hunter? Four bots remain in the quest: only one will fight the legend for the big cash prize.



Season 1

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