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Episode 1 - Call Me Kerfuffled

When a celebrity charity golf tournament comes to Louisville, it brings the cast of Blossom together for a long-awaited reunion. Meanwhile, Kat (Mayim Bialik) struggles with a romantic crisis and Randi (Kyla Pratt) and Phil (Leslie Jordan) get help in the cafe from a customer. Joey Lawrence, Jenna von Oy & Michael Stoyanov guest star.


Episode 2 - Call Me By My Middle Name

Kat struggles to find the perfect way to celebrate her anniversary. Meanwhile, Randi and Carter continue to navigate their new relationship.


Episode 3 - Call Me a Sporty Giant

While staying in Kat’s apartment, Randi starts to feel overwhelmed by Kat’s quirks. Meanwhile, Max and Carter try to teach Phil how to ride a bike.


Episode 4 - Call Me Forty

Oscar attempts multiple surprises to celebrate Kat’s 40th birthday, including meeting his mother. Meanwhile, Max tries to figure out why he continually strikes out with women.


Episode 5 - Call Me Your Biggest Fan

Kat pushes Max to enter a jingle contest being held at the Middle C to boost his confidence. Meanwhile, Carter doesn’t know how to react when Randi puts nail polish on his son.


Episode 6 - Call Me Unfaithful

When Randi sees Sheila’s boyfriend out with another woman, she and Kat decide to investigate, but can’t decide if they should tell Sheila. Meanwhile, Randi looks for a new apartment and Oscar gets Max and Carter to try yoga.


Episode 7 - Call Me Cupcake

When Phil leaves on a last-minute vacation with Sheila to cheer her up, Oscar steps in to help in the café, causing tension with Randi. Meanwhile, Max and Carter make a bet to start a juice cleanse.


Episode 8 - Call Me Senior Don Gato

Kat joins Carter to wait in line to score exclusive sneakers for his son. Then, while trying to have a relaxing night in, Randi is pulled into giving advice to Max and Phil, and Sheila tries to get Oscar to stand up for himself.


Episode 9 - Call Me Irresponsible

When Max gets evicted from his apartment, due to his lack of financial control, he asks Kat for help with managing his money. Meanwhile, Phil decides he is too reliant on technology and gives up his phone, and Randi agrees to take pictures of Sheila for her dating profile.


Episode 10 - Call Me Katzilla

When Kat winds up getting sick just days before her favorite local TV newsman plans a visit to the café, she turns in to her alter ego, Katzilla. Meanwhile, after Randi lands her dream apartment, Max starts trying to find his own.


Episode 11 - Call Me the Bad Boy of Cheese

Kat tries to welcome a new business to the neighborhood, but the owner thinks he can get away with whatever he wants. Meanwhile, Randi tries to figure out a great gift for Carter.


Episode 12 - Call Me a McCluckhead

Sheila convinces Kat and Oscar to join her on a double date with a man who owns a local chain restaurant. Meanwhile, Randi and Max adjust to their new rooming situation.


Episode 13 - Call Me a Kingbirdie

Max gets a job writing a song for a social media savvy teenage popstar that doesn’t go as well as he planned. Meanwhile, Phil and Oscar convince Kat to join their bowling team.


Episode 14 - Call Me Cupid

This week an all new episode of Call Me Kat, Season 2.


Episode 15 - Call Me Tiny Boo-Boo

Kat has to deal with the consequences of her past actions and make a big decision about her relationship. Meanwhile, Max tries to figure out a great plan for his third date with Nicole. Laura Bell Bundy guest-stars.


Episode 16 - Call Me What the Kat Dragged In

While Kat deals with the blowback from her big relationship change, she leans on Nick (guest star Andy Favreau) to help her bounce back. Meanwhile, Randi deals with Carter’s newfound presence in her apartment.


Episode 17 - Call Me Flatch

Louisville has some special visitors — Welcome to Flatch’s Kelly and Shrub Mallet (Holmes and Sam Straley) stop by, and the one-and-only Robin Thicke is in town for a fundraiser, which Max exploits for his own music career’s benefit. Meanwhile, Kat tries to cut costs at the café in order to pay the rent that her new landlord is demanding. Robin Thicke and Welcome to Flatch’s Holmes and Sam Straley Guest-Star.


Episode 18 - Call Me Shellfish

While Kat struggles with her anxiety, she comes up with a plan to save the café. Meanwhile, Max finally gets his big break and Carter struggles with his jealousy.



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