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Carnival Row Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 0 - Carnival Row Final Season Teaser

Philo and Vignette find their relationship at a crossroads, and the decisions they make could change everything for the creatures and humans of Carnival Row. Watch the final season teaser trailer now.


Episode 1 - Fight or Flight

Lovers Philo and Vignette risk their lives to help the oppressed Faefolk of Carnival Row.


Episode 2 - New Dawn

When Philo plots to challenge Jonah's hereditary claim to the Chancellorship, Vignette intervenes.


Episode 3 - The Martyr's Hand

While Philo investigates the murders of the Black Raven’s leaders, Vignette plots revenge.


Episode 4 - An Unkindness of Raven

Philo races to stop Vignette’s revenge before the Black Raven spark even worse violence.


Episode 5 - Reckoning

Philo plots Vignette’s rescue with an unlikely ally.  Jonah discovers Sophie’s treachery.  The murderer strikes again.


Episode 6 - Original Sins

A painful truth haunts Philo as Carnival Row faces reprisals for the horrific events at Bleakness Keep.


Episode 7 - Kindred

Torn between his Human and Fae sides, Philo makes a choice.


Episode 8 - Facta Non Verba

Reeling from the consequences of his choices, Philo rejects defining himself as either Human or Fae.


Episode 9 - Battle Lines

Justice later through peace, or now through blood?


Episode 10 - Carnival Row

The epic finale of “Carnival Row.”



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