Celebrity Show-Off

Celebrity Show-Off Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Meet the Show-Offs

Mayim Bialik hosts the ultimate celebrity showdown. Each week five stars from the worlds of sports, music, comedy, TV, and film face-off to see who can produce the most compelling content from the comfort of their own homes. The longer a celebrity stays in the competition, the more money they raise for their charity.


Episode 2 - The sTori Continues


Episode 3 - Diplo, Aim High


Episode 4 - NeNe Leakes is Here, Baby


Episode 5 - Travis Kelce Touches Down


Episode 6 - Gabi Brings It On!


Episode 7 - A Rippon-Roaring Good Time


Episode 8 - The Show-Off Semi Finals


Episode 9 - Best in Show-Off



Season 1

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