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Central Park Season 3 Episodes

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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - A Star Is Owen

The Tillerman family welcomes spring as an episode of a hit crime show films in the park.


Episode 2 - Paige’s Next Chapter

As Paige prepares for a big meeting with a book publisher, she welcomes her sister Abby to New York City.


Episode 3 - Ice Ice Not Baby

Molly and Brendan get into their first big fight, while Abby gets her first big commercial audition for a local deli.


Episode 4 - A Triptych Down Memory Lane

Elwood forgets the password he created for the Tillermans’ hard drive, so the family must help him remember it or their memories will be erased.


Episode 5 - Golden Owen: Manager Damager

In order to get his “I Heart the Park” campaign proposal approved, Owen has to repair old friendships at the Park Managers’ Conference.


Episode 6 - A Matter of Life and Boeuf

When the Tillermans visit Abby at her new job as waitress, a precious item goes missing—and everyone in the restaurant is a suspect.


Episode 7 - Slumber-Dog-Molly-An-Aire

Molly hosts her first teenage slumber party, which creates a rift between her and Paige.


Episode 8 - Lunar Palaver

On the day of the Lunar Palaver—a big Squirrel Quarrels event—Cole has a run-in with a racist lady in the park.


Episode 9 - A Killer Deadline

Paige checks into a hotel to focus on two writing deadlines. Owen volunteers for a school kickball tournament that Molly is trying to avoid.


Episode 10 - Money Candy

Owen and Paige set out to buy tickets to a K-pop boy band’s concert for the kids. Bitsy looks into cloning her dog.


Episode 11 - The Puffs Go Poof

Fista Puffs considers straightening her hair.


Episode 12 - A Hot Dog to Remember

When a beloved hot dog vendor has to take a rare morning off, Owen and Cole volunteer to help set up his cart so he can break a park record.


Episode 13 - The Brandenpire Strikes Back

Series finale. Owen’s “I Heart the Park” campaign is in full swing with all hands on deck. Bitsy schemes to cement her political influence.



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