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Chappelle's Show Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - S1 • E12

Dave brings street basketball moves to other sports, families take part in "Trading Spouses," and Blackstar performs.


Episode 2 - S1 • E11

Technical difficulties inadvertently launch Fisticuff's rap career, Dave finds himself in a ruthless video game battle with an ill child, and De La Soul performs.


Episode 3 - S1 • E10

Paul Mooney answers questions from people on the street, a pair of shoes ignites one of America's long-forgotten wars, Dave reimagines "Deep Impact," and GZA performs.


Episode 4 - S1 • E9

Dave takes Japan by storm in the sci-fi adventure "Blackzilla," "America Undercover" gets an inside look at the Playa Haters' Ball, and The Roots perform.


Episode 5 - S1 • E8

Dave imagines realistic versions of "Ghost" and "Half Baked," a news team reports on racist Hollywood animals, and loved ones stage an intervention for Tyrone Biggums.


Episode 6 - S1 • E7

Dave takes a realistic look at "The Matrix" and "Pretty Woman," the Wu-Tang Clan opens a financial consulting firm, and Paul Mooney answers an odd question from Stephen King.


Episode 7 - S1 • E6

Dave offers a preview of his biopic, Mario Cantone answers questions from people on the street, and a white man joins five black housemates in "The Mad Real World."


Episode 8 - S1 • E5

Dave honors Martin Johnson's notable moment in hook-up history, comedian Paul Mooney answers questions asked by men on the street, and Fat Joe performs.


Episode 9 - S1 • E4

Dave joins a panel discussion on angry white men, a local news team reports on the effects of reparations, and Busta Rhymes performs.


Episode 10 - S1 • E3

Dave shares outtakes from "Roots" and screens his failed reality show. Talib Kweli performs.


Episode 11 - S1 • E2

Dave hires a white woman to sing his controversial thoughts, Tyrone Biggums talks to elementary school students about drugs, and Mos Def performs.


Episode 12 - S1 • E1

Dave unveils raunchy footage from Nat King Cole's Hollywood Christmas special, and a blind white supremacist discovers a secret about himself.



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