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Episode 0 - Class of '07 - Season 1: Trailer

When a tidal wave hits a ten-year reunion of an all-girls high school, the group must find a way to survive not just the apocalypse, but each other.


Episode 1 - Bird Shit

After getting dumped on national television, Zoe goes into hiding by living off-grid until strange weather events lead her to seek out higher ground at her old school where Zoe stumbles upon her own ten year high school reunion in full swing.


Episode 2 - Pancake Rage

Realising they are stuck at Ridge Heights for the foreseeable future, the classmates scramble for a plan to survive.


Episode 3 - Dumb Dumbs

Under mean girl Saskia's newly instated reign, Zoe struggles with Sandy's disappearance while Genevieve begins a relentless search.


Episode 4 - Soul-Crushing-Cycle

The women begin to power the school under Saskia's increasingly ruthless leadership, while Zoe hunts for a new best friend to take Amelia's place.


Episode 5 - The People Vs Saskia

Genevieve brings Saskia to trial for her mean girl crimes, while Zoe finds herself in a tight spot when Amelia agrees to defend Saskia.


Episode 6 - Utopia

Shuttered in with food poisoning during a torrential storm, the class begins healing their teenage wounds.


Episode 7 - Party Like it's 1999

In the aftermath of Sandy’s vengeful return, Zoe must stop Amelia from leading the class into a hedonistic end-of-life party.


Episode 8 - The Tribe Has Spoken

When Amelia volunteers as a sacrificial lamb for the greater good of the class, Zoe must decide if their friendship is over forever.



Season 1

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