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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Condor (S2 E1): Exile is a Dream

While traveling through Europe, Joe is approached by a Russian intelligence officer seeking asylum. In exchange, the officer offers to reveal the identity of a mole operating in the CIA.


Episode 2 - Condor (S2 E2): If It Serves a Greater Good

Joe makes a new discovery in the hunt for the mole. While surveilling a potential lead, he learns that he isn’t the only one watching.


Episode 3 - Condor (S2 E3): A Former KGB Man

Believing that Bob’s killer and the mole could be one and the same, Joe, once again, is compelled to put himself in harm’s way. Vasili makes a dangerous leap of faith.


Episode 4 - Condor (S2 E4): Not What He Thinks He Is

Reuel gets some nighttime visitors and realizes he’s in the middle of an unexpected conflict. Against her better judgment, Kat helps an old friend.


Episode 5 - Condor (S2 E5): Out of His Exile

Not convinced of Gordon’s guilt, Joe continues to investigate alternative theories. After a big windfall, Eva and Gordon play hooky and make amends.


Episode 6 - Condor (S2 E6): An Offer of Enrollment

Following the trail of evidence, Joe makes a discovery, causing him to redouble his efforts to find Vasili.


Episode 7 - Condor (S2 E7): A Perspective, Not the Truth

Tracy and Mae decide to disappear for a little while. Having finally learned of Vasili’s whereabouts, Joe sets off to reconnect.


Episode 8 - Condor (S2 E8): The Road We Take

Kat watches as Volk serves up some justice. Mae’s discussions with Senator Thrush have unintended consequences.


Episode 9 - Condor (S2 E9): The Greatest Hazard

Out of options, Joe is forced to put those closest to him in the line of danger. Mae makes some demands of Reuel.


Episode 10 - Condor (S2 E10): Not Necessarily to Lose

Lives are forever changed when all does not go as Joe planned. Kat must decide where her loyalties lie.



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