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Crank Yankers Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Jimmy Kimmel & Sarah Silverman

Elmer calls about anal beads; Special Ed calls a record store looking for a certain song. Yanker voices: Jimmy Kimmel, Jim Florentine, Tony Barbieri, Kevin Kimmel, Katie Kimmel, Adam Carolla, and Sarah Silverman.


Episode 2 - Wanda Sykes & Robert Schimmel

Spoonie Luv looks into karate lessons; Gladys complains about a video store mix-up. Yanker voices: Wanda Sykes, Tony Barbieri, Jim Florentine, Jimmy Kimmel, and Robert Schimmel.


Episode 3 - Snoop Dogg & Kevin Nealon

Snoop Dogg calls about running for public office; Hadassah has a run-in with a salesperson. Yanker voices: Sarah Silverman, Adam Carolla, Jim Florentine, Kevin Kimmel, and Kevin Nealon.


Episode 4 - Jeff Garlin & Gilbert Gottfried

George Zucco calls about swelling testicles; Bobby Fletcher hits an innocent bystander. Yanker voices: Gilbert Gottfried, Jim Florentine, Jeff Garlin, Jimmy Kimmel, Lisa Kushell, and Super Dave Osborne.


Episode 5 - Fred Armisen & Kevin Nealon

Hadassah calls about a perfume rash on her vagina; Ken repeatedly asks a caller to hit the pound key. Yanker voices: Sarah Silverman, Kevin Nealon, Fred Armisen, Tony Barbieri, Adam Carolla, Jim Florentine, and Dom Irrera.


Episode 6 - Wanda Sykes & Bobcat Goldthwait

Gladys gets glued to a toilet seat; Steven calls a talent agent and keeps doing Bobcat Goldthwait impressions. Yanker voices: Wanda Sykes, Bobcat Goldthwait, Tony Barbieri, Dane Cook, David Alan Grier, Jimmy Kimmel, and Patton Oswalt.


Episode 7 - Adam Carolla & Jim Florentine

A blind stripper applies for college; Dick Birchum wants swimming lessons for his conjoined twins. Yanker voices: Lisa Kushell, Adam Carolla, Ian Black, Jim Florentine, Jimmy Kimmel, Katie Kimmel, and David Wain.


Episode 8 - Adam Carolla & Dr. Drew Pinsky

Bobby Fletcher can't stop burping; Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew Pinsky talk hip-hop. Yanker voices: Jim Florentine, Adam Carolla, Dr. Drew Pinsky, Fred Armisen, Super Dave Osborne, Jimmy Kimmel, and Sarah Silverman.


Episode 9 - Jimmy Kimmel & David Alan Grier

Elmer calls about a gay cruise; Danny seeks out the help of a rabbi. Yanker voices: Jimmy Kimmel, David Alan Grier, Adam Carolla, Lisa Kushell, Kevin Nealon, and Patton Oswalt.


Episode 10 - Fred Armisen & Sarah Silverman

Spoonie Luv calls for driving lessons; Niles Standish wants a balloon ride. Yanker voices: Tony Barbieri, Fred Armisen, Susie Essman, Jim Florentine, Katie Kimmel, Kevin Kimmel, and Sarah Silverman.


Episode 12 - Wanda Sykes & Kevin Nealon

Gladys calls for a conjugal visit; Ken gets stuck in a restroom. Yanker voices: Wanda Sykes, Kevin Nealon, Tony Barbieri, Jim Florentine, Jimmy Kimmel, and Jordan Rubin.


Episode 14 - Jimmy Kimmel & Gilbert Gottfried

Hadassah tests her boyfriend's sperm; Jeff needs a job. Yanker voices: Jimmy Kimmel, Gilbert Gottfried, Tony Barbieri, Jim Florentine, Seth MacFarlane, Kevin Nealon, and Wanda Sykes.


Episode 15 - David Alan Grier & Super Dave Osborne

Cammie calls about her haunted breast implants; Tony Deloge tries to get a free meal. Yanker voices: Lisa Kushell, Super Dave Osborne, Adam Carolla, Jim Florentine, David Alan Grier, and Jimmy Kimmel.


Episode 16 - Robert Smigel & Adam Carolla

Elmer calls about gay porn on his computer; Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew reach out to their listeners. Yanker voices: Jimmy Kimmel, Adam Carolla, Dr. Drew Pinsky, Robert Smigel, and Gilbert Gottfried.


Episode 17 - David Alan Grier & Jeff Garlin

Cammie inquires about hourly car rentals; Dick Birchum needs some kids to work around the house. Yanker voices: Lisa Kushell, Adam Carolla, David Alan Grier, and Jeff Garlin.


Episode 18 - Jimmy Kimmel & Adam Carolla

Gladys gets intimate with slime; Elmer needs the lotto numbers. Yanker voices: Wanda Sykes, Jimmy Kimmel, Seth MacFarlane, and Adam Carolla.


Episode 19 - Bob Odenkirk & Fred Armisen

Bob Odenkirk tries to overcome a speech impediment; Samir wants to throw a party. Yanker voices: Bob Odenkirk, Robert Smigel, Lisa Kushell, and Fred Armisen.


Episode 20 - Jim Florentine & Kathy Griffin

Elmer calls a brothel looking for a woman he met 30 years ago; Marion inquires about plastic surgery for her 11-year-old daughter. Yanker voices: Jimmy Kimmel, Kathy Griffin, Patton Oswalt, and Jonathan Kimmel.


Episode 21 - Sarah Silverman & David Alan Grier

Bobby and Billy Fletcher call to make a reservation at a restaurant; Hadassah receives a sexually suggestive toy from her mother. Yanker voices: Jim Florentine, Sarah Silverman, Tony Barbieri, and David Alan Grier.


Episode 22 - Kevin Nealon & Wanda Sykes

Cammie wants to teach kids about the birds & the bees; Gladys has questions about her teenage son's breast-milk habits. Yanker voices: Lisa Kushell, Wanda Sykes, David Cross, and Kevin Nealon.


Episode 23 - Jamie Kennedy & David Alan Grier

Homeless, retired R&B singer Stompie looks for love; Hadassah becomes a telemarketer. Yanker voices: David Alan Grier, Sarah Silverman, Jamie Kennedy, and Jim Florentine.


Episode 24 - Wanda Sykes & Kevin Nealon

Gladys hits the jackpot at a broken ATM; Niles asks a salesperson to eat a used tissue for $500. Yanker voices: Wanda Sykes, Tony Barbieri, Kevin Nealon, and Nicole Sullivan.


Episode 25 - Adam Carolla & David Alan Grier

Elmer looks for charitable donations; Special Ed needs a piano lesson. Yanker voices: Jimmy Kimmel, Jim Florentine, Jim Gaffigan, and Fred Armisen.


Episode 26 - Sarah Silverman & Jeff Goldblum

Cammie asks for advice on how to date a Jewish man. Yanker voices: Lisa Kushell, Jeff Goldblum, and Nick DiPaolo.


Episode 27 - Seth Green & Jamie Kennedy

Birchum looks to hire some mourners for his dad's funeral; Elmer calls a carnival about a teddy bear stuffed with glass. Yanker voices: Adam Carolla, Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Green, and Jamie Kennedy.


Episode 28 - Wanda Sykes & Adam Carolla

Bobby Fletcher tries to work his way up the corporate ladder; Niles calls a dentist about getting gas. Yanker voices: Jim Florentine, Tony Barbieri, Dane Cook, and Wanda Sykes.


Episode 29 - Kevin Nealon & Sarah Silverman

Special Ed professes his undying love for spaghetti; Ken calls a paper with breaking news. Yanker voices: Jim Florentine, Kevin Nealon, Tom Kenny, and Sarah Silverman.


Episode 30 - Jimmy Kimmel & Fred Armisen

Jimmy Kimmel's 9-year-old daughter Katie needs some booze; Birchum needs some able bodies to break his brother out of a cult. Yanker voices: Jimmy Kimmel, Katie Kimmel, Jonathan Kimmel, Adam Carolla, and Fred Armisen.


Episode 31 - Best-of Special

Join Special Ed and all your favorites in this collection of the craziest Crank Yankers calls. Yanker voices: Jim Florentine, David Alan Grier, Sarah Silverman, Jimmy Kimmel, and Adam Carolla.


Episode 32 - Best-of Special

Join Elmer and all your favorites in this collection of the crudest Crank Yankers calls. Yanker voices: Jimmy Kimmel, Sarah Silverman, Seth MacFarlane, Adam Carolla, Kevin Kimmel, Dr. Drew Pinsky, and Lisa Kushell.


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