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Diesel Brothers Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Callout Fallout

When the frame on Heavy D's "quick flip" is unsalvageable, he decides to turn it into the ultimate mud truck. Chavis is invited to bring his custom race truck to the Call Out Challenge truck competition.


Episode 2 - There Will Be Mud

Heavy D, Diesel Dave and the Dieselsellerz crew work to finish their epic monster mud truck for the giveaway, and The Muscle scrambles to find a buyer for the flashy Denali he bought without Heavy D's permission.


Episode 3 - Feed the Beast-Mode

Sick of the ridicule on social media, Heavy D decides to finally finish the "Fail of the Year" UTV. The gridiron comes to the garage when NFL legend Marshawn Lynch asks the guys to build him a Beastmode UTV.


Episode 4 - Hummer Time

When Redbeard challenges Heavy D to repurpose some old inventory, Heavy marries a stretched 6 door F-650 with a camper to create the ultimate expedition vehicle. The guys buy a Hummer H1 from a mysterious mountain man.


Episode 5 - Motors and Rotors

Heavy D, Diesel Dave and the Dieselsellerz crew scramble to finish a six-door stretched F-650 Expedition Camper for a big client. Heavy D shocks the team with his latest flip -- a diesel-powered experimental helicopter.


Episode 6 - Truck Norris

The Diesel Sellerz pick up a vintage fire truck to transform into a tow truck that can carry everyone in the shop. But before they get into the build, legend Chuck Norris comes to tap them for a truck for his latest project.


Episode 7 - Epic Fail of the Year

The Dieselsellerz pick up a vintage fire truck to transform into a tow truck that can carry everyone in the shop. Heavy D is determined to finish the endless Fail of the Year UTV build.


Episode 8 - Somersault

Heavy D decides to test the physics abilities of the shop and builds a somersaulting truck to use for viral videos. The Muscle takes over a flip from Heavy D and turns a Dodge Ram into a badass modern pop-up camper.


Episode 9 - Flippin' Diesel

The Diesel Brothers are up against the clock for their SEMA build -- a replica Ford Bronco made from an F-350 and an Excursion. Heavy D brings in physics help to make his dream of a somersaulting truck come true.


Episode 10 - Good Bros and Goodbyes

The Dieselsellerz SEMA build hits a snag, and the guys scramble to find a replacement. They decide to rebuild and give away their most iconic build: The Megaram.


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