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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 0 - Dom - Season 3: Teaser

Every second may be the last. Third and last season premieres in 2024.


Episode 1 - Cops And Criminals

Rio de Janeiro, 2004. Dom becomes one of the most wanted criminals in the city. The police are on his tail and his face is everywhere on tabloid TV. His gang now has a new member and robberies get more dangerous. In 1978, Victor and Marisa meet and fall in love.


Episode 2 - Drying Ice

A resentful Vivi takes revenge and puts Dom even more at risk, forcing him to flee Rio de Janeiro. Even away from the spotlight, Dom is unable to leave the life of crime. In 1978, Victor tries to resign from the police, but criminals chase him down and threaten his life.


Episode 3 - Hybrid Animals

Vitória, 2004. Under an alias, Dom is arrested alongside Quinado, and both end up separated into rival factions in jail. Dom catches the eye of the faction leader, which causes disagreements within the faction. In 1978, in the Amazon rainforest, Victor witnesses a conflict between loggers, drug dealers, and Indigenous people, and so he begins his journey as an undercover agent in the region.


Episode 4 - The Passage

With Alcione's trust, Dom is invited to take part in a prison break attempt. Quinado tries to tag along, but when the group discovers he's from the rival faction, tensions erupt, and everything is at risk. Meanwhile, Paloma is kidnapped and Victor goes to the state of Pernambuco to search for her. In the Amazon, 1978, Victor begins to unravel the drug trafficking scheme in the region.


Episode 5 - The Gospel According To Pedro Dom

After an unexpected death, Dom ends up in solitary confinement. Upon returning to his cell, he tries to pacify the prison. The deal fails, and Dom moves to the Evangelicals' wing. Meanwhile, Victor discovers Dom's true whereabouts and goes to the state of Espírito Santo to try and save his son, but freedom will be expensive.


Episode 6 - The Hunt

In Rio, the name of Pedro Dom continues to make news headlines, which keeps the police on his tail. In Vitória, Dom tries to buy his freedom after Victor introduces him to a crooked lawyer. In the Amazon, in 1978, Victor witnesses cocaine arriving at the border, but is caught. His life is now at risk.


Episode 7 - Outlined Destinies

Through blackmail, Detective Roberto uses someone Dom loves dearly to get what he wants. Pedro has no other choice but to ask for unusual help. Victor continues to fight for his son's life, but a serious personal problem could ruin everything. In the Amazon, in 1979, Victor is surprised by the direction of the investigation of drug trafficking in the region.


Episode 8 - BONUS EPISODE: Like Our Parents

In this bonus episode that takes place during Brazil’s military dictatorship, the newly graduated police officer Victor Dantas witnesses a bank robbery, but ends up being held hostage by a group of guerrilla fighters who are against the regime. This experience may forever change Victor's views on justice.



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