For All Mankind

For All Mankind Season 3 Episodes

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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Polaris

Nearly 10 years have passed. Danielle and Ed attend a celebration, where things take a terrifying turn.


Episode 2 - Game Changer

A commercial spaceflight company makes an announcement. The choice over who’ll command the Mars mission leads to a shift in personnel.


Episode 3 - All In

As NASA scrambles to prepare for the launch to Mars, Margo is confronted with a harsh personal reality.


Episode 4 - Happy Valley

A surprise maneuver during the journey to Mars provokes desperate measures.


Episode 5 - Seven Minutes of Terror

The race to land first on Mars brings together unexpected allies.


Episode 6 - New Eden

The astronauts move quickly to build Martian bases.


Episode 7 - Bring It Down

A joint mission brings about conflict between crew members.


Episode 8 - The Sands of Ares

After a sudden crisis, the Martian crews pull together.


Episode 9 - Coming Home

Plans to leave Mars are complicated by an unforeseen issue.


Episode 10 - Stranger In A Strange Land

Season finale. The Martian crew debates how to save the life of one of their own.


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