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Episode 1 - Pilot

In the series premiere, NYPD Detective Raimy Sullivan (PEYTON LIST) discovers she’s able to speak with her deceased father, Frank (RILEY SMITH) over his old ham radio.


Episode 2 - Signal and Noise

When Raimy and Frank speak over the ham-radio, she lets him know that her mom will be murdered unless Frank can figure out a way to warn her. Raimy also delivers devastating news regarding Stan Moreno. Meanwhile, in 2016, Raimy follows a lead in the Nightingale case; and in 1996, Frank and Satch work together to follow the same lead.


Episode 3 - The Near-Far Problem

When Raimy uncovers evidence in the Thomas Goff (guest star MICHAEL CHARLES ROMAN) case, she relays this information to Frank over the ham radio, which prompts him to take matters into his own hands while ignoring a strong warning from Satch. Meanwhile, Gordo talks Raimy into going out for a drink where she has an interesting encounter with Daniel, who still considers her a complete stranger and possible stalker. Lastly, Raimy struggles to adapt to life without Julie, and Frank tries to adapt to life with her.


Episode 4 - Bleed Over

With the date of Julie’s abduction rapidly approaching, Raimy and Frank each work to gather information from a girl whose mother was taken by the Nightingale. Meanwhile, Raimy meets Kyle (guest star ROB MAYES) who immediately remembers her from a brief encounter in the past. She doesn’t recognize him at first, but flashes of their night together come rushing back to her.


Episode 5 - Seven Three

When Frank helps Raimy uncover clues from the past to help solve a present day murder case, it brings up two different memories of her first day in the NYPD. Through Frank, Raimy continues to learn more about Stan, which begins to cause friction with Satch. Meanwhile, Frank has trouble controlling his jealousy as he struggles to give Julie her space.


Episode 6 - Deviation

In 2016, Raimy meets a strange character named Karl (guest star CURTIS ARMSTRONG), who speaks to himself in the future. In 1996, Frank feels like he’s being taunted by The Nightingale. Meanwhile, having discovered new information, Raimy and Frank set up a plan to use the Nightingale’s next victim as bait.


Episode 7 - Break, Break, Break

Raimy and Satch’s detective work begins to pay off when a cold case victim leads them to their biggest break – a room where the Nightingale held his first victim.


Episode 8 - Interference

Raimy and Satch discover a shocking connection to the Nightingale’s first kill. When Raimy shares this news with Frank, he works to dig up additional information. Meanwhile, Frank and Julie are forced to have an honest conversation, and Raimy has a surprise visitor.


Episode 9 - Gray Line

In the winter finale, Raimy and Frank make a startling discovery about the Nightingale Killer. Meanwhile, Frank is blindsided by a shocking betrayal.


Episode 10 - The Edison Effect

Frank and Raimy put a plan in motion for Frank to kill the Nightingale, but Frank finds himself agonizing over whether it’s the right thing to do. Meanwhile, Raimy is confronted with an unexpected moral decision.


Episode 11 - Negative Copy

Raimy and Frank find themselves in the thick of things. Meanwhile, Frank learns the meaning behind a betrayal.


Episode 12 - Harmonic

Raimy and Frank make a huge discovery while continuing their search for the Nightingale killer. Meanwhile, Stan is willing to do anything to bring Frank down.


Episode 13 - Signal Loss

In the season finale, the truth is revealed and Raimy makes a discovery that stops her cold. She quickly reaches out to Frank on the ham radio to voice her concerns.



Season 1

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