History's Greatest Heists with Pierce Brosnan

History's Greatest Heists with Pierce Brosnan Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Antwerp Diamond Heist

An elite crew of Italian thieves targets the vault of the Antwerp World Diamond Centre. After 27 months of planning, they execute their ambitious and intricate plan and make off with more than $100 million in diamonds, gems, and cash.


Episode 2 - The Pierre Hotel Robbery

A duo of highly skilled thieves who specialize in hotel jobs goes after the biggest target of their careers: New York's famed Pierre Hotel. With a plan timed down to the minute, the team takes over the 41-story hotel, getting into the lobby vault and its hundreds of safe deposit boxes.


Episode 3 - The Baker Street Bank Burglary

Enterprising thieves tunnel underneath and up into the vault of a Lloyds Bank branch in London. When an amateur radio enthusiast intercepts their walkie-talkie chatter, they find themselves in a high-stakes cat-and-mouse game with Scotland Yard.


Episode 4 - The Lufthansa Heist

A mafia crew with insider knowledge attempts the most lucrative airline heist in history at JFK International Airport. Made famous by the film Goodfellas, its aftermath saw those associated with the crime disappearing--and dying.


Episode 5 - The United California Bank Job

A mob-connected heist crew the FBI described as "the best ever" takes down a Southern California bank in 1972, getting away with millions in cash allegedly linked to President Richard Nixon.


Episode 6 - The Museum of Natural History Heist

Surfers by day, cat burglars by night, this trio of thieves is in New York to steal the priceless jewels at the American Museum of Natural History. Their bold plan has them creeping along the museum ledge, 125 feet above the streets of Manhattan, willing to risk their lives to get away with millions.


Episode 7 - The Dunbar Armored Depot Heist

An armored-car depot employee uses his insider knowledge to plan a heist that could net him, and the longtime friends he recruits, more than $18 million in cash.


Episode 8 - The Gardner Museum Heist

Two thieves dressed as fake cops make off with a half-billion dollars' worth of world-class artwork from a Boston museum. Although the paintings are still missing, numerous suspects turn up--dead.



Season 1

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