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Jeff & Some Aliens Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Jeff & Some Honor Killings

After Jeff inadvertently murders an alien on the planet Azuria, he is forced to kill a human on Earth in order to prevent an intergalactic war.


Episode 2 - Jeff & Some Energry Trading

Jeff uses an alien machine to trade is life energy in exchange for luxury items that he uses to impress his girlfriend, Linda -- but things quickly spiral out of control.


Episode 3 - Jeff & Some Preteen Girls

The aliens help Jeff pilot a robotic preteen girl so that he can infiltrate his niece's social circle and convince her to pursue her artistic dreams.


Episode 4 - Jeff & Some Laughs

When Jeff's father is put on life support after a serious car accident, Jeff tries to save him by using an alien device that harnesses the healing power of laughter.


Episode 5 - Jeff & Some Colonists

A high-ranking Azurian orders aliens to colonize Earth and direct all resources toward the production of fruit smoothies.


Episode 6 - Jeff & Some Confidence

Jeff uses an alien device that alters his memories in order to give himself more confidence.


Episode 7 - Jeff & Some Jeffs

While the aliens are away on vacation, Jeff accidentally uses a device that gives everyone on Earth his exact personality traits.


Episode 8 - Jeff & Some Childlike Joy & Whimsy

Upset that his childhood best friend "Sauce" is no longer as fun as he used to be, Jeff feeds him a mind-altering chemical that reignites his youthful sense of fun.


Episode 9 - Jeff & Some Love

The aliens give Jeff an ultimatum: win over his crush Linda within 50 days, or the planet will be destroyed.


Episode 10 - Jeff & Some Love Simulations

The aliens try to help Jeff find his soulmate by running simulations with miniature clones. Jeff's chances with one prospect are thrown into jeopardy when her doppelganger escapes.



Season 1

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