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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Scorpion King

Adam and Caveman Rob take on America's biggest and most deadly scorpions. But their surprising result is a hugely painful wake-up call--and a new Scorpion King is crowned.


Episode 2 - Arachnophobia

Adam has a phobia of tarantulas, so naturally Caveman Rob picks two of the world's nastiest ones for them to endure, including a tarantula with the well-deserved nickname: "Orange Bitey Thing."


Episode 3 - Big Biting Lizards

Adam and Caveman Rob get bitten by one lizard whose venom is in doubt--but not its ability to latch on and tear flesh--and another whose venom is notoriously painful. The shocking results set new records for the Pain Index.


Episode 4 - Schmidt Happens

In a tribute to the godfather of the Pain Index, Dr. Justin Schmidt, Adam and Rob tangle with a new batch of extremely painful--and deadly--insects. And one colony of ants kicks the Schmidt out of them.


Episode 5 - Hundred Tiny Screams

Adam thinks he's getting his revenge on Rob for selecting tarantulas earlier this season by programming Rob's phobia: centipedes. But the joke is on Adam when an American centipede produces one of his most painful bites ever.


Episode 6 - Backyard Beasts

Some of the most painful animals can be found in your very own backyard. Rob and Adam take on an Assassin Bug, a Jerusalem Cricket, and the Brown Widow Spider--producing a record-setting episode of pain.


Episode 7 - Aquarium Nightmares

Rob and Adam test the pain dished out by a trio of unlikely creatures commonly kept in home aquariums--and they proceed to ruin the image of a popular cartoon movie character for millions of children.


Episode 8 - Eelectrocution

Rob and Adam test the Yellow Head Moray Eel for possible venom effects, but must resort to a risky, bloody bite. But venom is not the issue for their next animal: the Electric Eel. The results are positively shocking.


Episode 9 - Stinging Sharks

It's America vs. Australia in a battle royale of pain administered by sharks. But after getting stung by both, Adam and Rob realize that when their countries win, they lose.


Episode 10 - Cocktail of Venom

In Season 2's finale, Adam and Rob serve up their most annoying stings in the history of the Pain Index, and chase them with a tiny fish that has venom to die for.



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