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Modern Marvels Season 21 Episodes

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Season 21 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Wild Rides

Sit tight and belt in because while there are over 230 million licensed drivers in America; we are going way beyond the driver's seat of your average automobile. It's time to jump behind the wheel of some of the biggest, fastest, most powerful machines on the planet. From battle tanks to blimps, helicopters to harvesters, you'll get the chance to sit in the driver's seat of some the world's most incredible vehicles for some truly Wild Rides.


Episode 2 - Steam Power

Turn up the heat because it's time for Steam Power. From Jay Leno's personal steam cars and 11-ton steam engine to carousels, boats and skyscrapers fueled entirely by steam, Modern Marvels takes a deep dive into one of the oldest means of locomotion. It's high tech - 1800s style - as we travel the country in search of the most incredible vehicles, engines and even robots that run on Steam Power.


Episode 3 - Ultimate Helicopters

Ready to take a ride on the most thrilling helicopters in the sky? From the military's deadliest and most sophisticated choppers to homemade helicopters and million-dollar models customized with everything from bars and entertainment systems - Modern Marvels explores some of the coolest copters to ever take flight.


Episode 4 - Maximum Horsepower

Buckle up as we take a rip-roaring ride through the world of extreme horsepower! From 8000 horsepower dragsters and hydroplanes with top speeds of 200 miles per hour, to a cargo ship propelled by the most powerful diesel engine on earth - a whopping 95,000 horsepower - Modern Marvels muscles through the most impressive engines ever built and how they achieve their incredible performance.


Episode 5 - Modern Marvels: Dangerous Drives

Better buckle up because one of these dangerous drives could be your last! From Bolivia's "Death Road," to California's fog-smothered Highway 99, to dodging IED's on the road to Baghdad Airport, Modern Marvels puts you in the driver's seat to experience the harrowing journey down some of the world's scariest roads.


Episode 6 - Modern Marvels: Car Wash Tech

Better roll up your windows and put it in neutral as we join the 2 million people who wash their car every single day! From one of the largest car washes in the U.S. to cleaning radioactive waste off a train to tips on getting tar, glue, egg and sludge off your priceless Porsche, Modern Marvels takes a look at all the awesome technology we use to keep our beloved vehicles sparkling clean.


Episode 7 - Freight Trains Plus

Get ready to ride the rails as we take a trip along the greatest freight transportation system in the world! From the early iron horses to today's sleek steel stallions, Modern Marvels climbs aboard the complex rail network that snakes throughs valleys, over rivers and across prairies to get America's goods from the factory to your front door.


Episode 8 - Locomotives Plus

All aboard! Modern Marvels takes a ride on the fastest and most powerful locomotives from around the globe. From France's 300 MPH speed train to future trains that glide on cushions of air to mining locomotives that traverse tunnels 700 feet underground, we'll catch a ride on the little--and big--engines that can.


Episode 9 - Harvesting Plus

Let's head to the fields as Modern Marvels takes a fascinating journey from farm to table! From the dizzying heights of California's date palm trees to the soggy Wisconsin cranberry marshes to the cavernous labyrinths of Pennsylvania's mushroom farms, we pick through the most unique and timeless forms of harvesting.


Episode 10 - Mad Electricity Plus

Prepare to be shocked and enlightened because it's time to enter the mad world of Nikola Tesla's remarkable inventions! From his 187-foot-high wireless network tower to his lifelong rivalry with Thomas Edison to his disturbing death ray and earthquake machines, Modern Marvels illuminates the genius--and the quirks--behind an electrifying mastermind.


Episode 11 - Modern Marvels: Tech Treasures

Better be kind and rewind because we're diving into some blasts from technology's past! From unwieldy television sets and vintage record-making to evolving Mustang motors, join Modern Marvels as we rediscover some of the most beloved retro devices that built the tech-driven world we live in today.


Episode 12 - Modern Marvels: Coin Operated Plus

Time to dig through those sofa cushions as Modern Marvels changes the way you think about coin-operated machines! From parking meters and pinball machines to vending machines and coin counters, we explore the ways people spend their quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies every day.


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