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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Satellites

Strong enough to survive their fiery launch into orbit, sophisticated enough to provide life-saving images or relay tens of thousands of phone calls at the same time. By monitoring weapons systems and troop movements, these "eyes in the sky" may be the difference between security and annihilation. From the futuristic visions of a British sci-fi writer to creations of a German rocket designer for the Nazi war machine to the Cold War technological race, we review the satellites that link our world.


Episode 2 - Radio: Out Of Thin Air

To some it was a miracle. Others call it the triumph of illiteracy. Somewhere between adoration and scorn. Somewhere between the carrier pigeon and television. There was and is radio. We take radio for granted. Perhaps think of it as a second rate medium. A poor relation to our pride and joy, television. But fewer than a hundred years ago, the discovery that people could communicate over great distances without wires, galvanized the world to a degree that has been equalled.


Episode 3 - Great Towers In The Sky

Viewer discretion is advised for those with vertigo! Featuring rare construction footage and interviews with architects, the program climbs to the top of the world's largest towers including Seattle's Space Needle, Canada's CN Tower, and Las Vegas's Stratosphere.


Episode 4 - Household Wonders

Reviews the revolution in home improvement and glimpses the kitchen of tomorrow. Included: the development of the stove, sewing machine, refrigerated air, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, toaster, and mixer.


Episode 5 - Radar

Examine the history of this landmark technology, from its role in the Allied victory in World War II, to its widespread use in air traffic control, ocean surveillance, astronomy, geology and meteorology.


Episode 6 - Forensic Science: The Crime Fighter's Weapon.

From Sherlock Holmes' examination of the physical evidence at a crime scene to today's DNA technology, we review the history of crime detection through the use of forensic science.


Episode 7 - Polio Vaccine

A deadly disease swept through America. It struck suddenly and mysteriously. Thousands would die. Many more would be left helpless. The disease was poliomyelitis. Polio would enlist renowned scientists, shape the vision of one of the world's greatest leaders (Franklin Roosevelt), and transform a young unknown doctor (Jonas Salk) into a world-famous hero. Ingenuity, trial and error, even acts of scientific desperation would pave the way to one of the greatest breakthroughs in scientific history.


Episode 13 - The Alaskan Oil Pipeline

In 1973, a desperate America, starved by an OPEC embargo, began construction on a 800-mile lifeline for its insatiable oil hunger. We'll study the technological triumph of the Alaskan oil pipeline built over impenetrable mountains and tundra, where temperatures drop to 75 below zero, and its impact on a fragile ecological system.


Episode 14 - Aqueducts: Man Made Rivers Of Life

Many rivers quenched the thirst of millions in the American west and around the world. Without these aqueducts, some of the earth's largest cities would turn into gigantic ghost towns. Their technology has been in use for over two thousand years. But today these engineering marvels cost billions of dollars to build, requiring thousands of men to toil for years on end. Aqueducts have made some men famous and others fabulously wealthy. In Los Angeles one man's vision took one hundred thousand men to complete and a great city was truly born. In Northern California the most famous conservationist of our time waged the political fight of his life in an attempt to save one of nature's most spectacular valleys from San Francisco's demand for more water.


Episode 15 - American Steel: Built to Last

For over a century, the US steel industry was a powerful symbol of the nation's industrial might. Steel helped explode the stock market into an overnight powerhouse, and transformed a country of farmers and merchants into a nation of visionary builders. But America's domination of the market would meet new challenges in the 1970s.


Episode 16 - Battlefield Engineering

Battlefield engineers lay the groundwork, quite literally, for the battle to come. They build roads, railroads, bridges, airfields, hospitals and support facilities. Throughout history they have been earth movers and river crossers, building things and destroying things. While preparing for battle may not seem to have the drama of the battle itself, history shows that in the world of combat engineering, there is more than enough drama and action to go around.


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