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Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode 13 - Extreme Sports Gadgets

To run faster, jump higher, and play longer--the ultimate goal of all athletes. But when training runs its course, science and technology jump in. Explore the history and technological advances in everything from athletic shoes to football gear. And leap into a future filled with radar-enhanced baseballs and virtual-reality stadiums.


Episode 18 - Weather Prediction

A study of the discoveries, inventions, and technological advances that have helped us understand and predict weather accurately. From simple observations made by early humans, to early instruments such as thermometers and barometers, to Doppler radar and satellite imaging, we'll see how man has tried to harness weather.


Episode 21 - Stereos

It has become a new dimension in entertainment. It pulls us into the center of the action with explosive sounds and computer controlled audio design. From it's humble beginnings in the basements of amateurs, stereo has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry.


Episode 26 - Airships

The crash of the Hindenburg puts an end to the era of zeppelins.


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