Monster Factory

Monster Factory Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Path to Paradise

Danny Cage and his students step into the spotlight. Tough-as-nails prodigy Notorious Mimi prepares for a WWE tryout.


Episode 2 - Making Monsters

Mimi shares news with the group. Danny opens up about his own wrestling journey and gets to work on an opportunity for his students and alumni.


Episode 3 - Thank You, CM Punk

As Twitch revisits the night wrestling saved his life, Gabby Ortiz grapples with the impact of grief. A stunt takes an unexpected turn.


Episode 4 - Born Better

Bobby Buffet and Goldy shed light on their humble beginnings and heavyweight rivalry. Danny receives heartbreaking news about his mother.


Episode 5 - Sweet Dreams

Imperfections and anxieties surface before the showcase. Can Danny’s tough love inspire his students to take control?


Episode 6 - The Showcase

It’s showtime. As Gabby navigates a twist, Twitch hits his stride—and Bobby Buffet and Goldy are pushed to their limits.



Season 1

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