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Episode 1 - Everyone is Implicated

James "Ghost" St. Patrick forms a dangerous alliance with his former drug partner and brother-in-arms Tommy Egan and mortal enemy Kanan Stark to face a common enemy. Angela discovers that she too is implicated in the murder of Raymond Jones, Raina's killer, and turns to an unlikely ally for help. Tasha enlists LaKeisha to help cover up Jones' murder in order to protect Tariq, who battles with the mantle, "What would Raina do?”


Episode 3 - Damage Control

As the St. Patrick family takes time to grieve Raina’s passing, the AUSA’s office discusses legal strategy for taking down James St. Patrick as “Ghost” and ending Angela’s career. Councilman Tate seizes the moment to exploit Raina’s death and does his best to keep Ghost’s menacing attitude in regards to the Queens Child Project at bay. Elsewhere, Tommy’s plan with his new family goes awry. Ghost and Tasha discuss continuing Raina’s legacy by sending Tariq away to school. Dre maintains order within his organization under Alicia and Diego Jimenez.


Episode 5 - Are We On the Same Team?

After being duped by Tate to participate in a public tip line in pursuit of Raina's killer, Ghost and Tasha butt heads on how to properly grieve and honor her. Angela gathers solid intel in pursuit of the Jimenez Cartel while Kanan enacts his mission to conquer and infiltrate Dre's organization. Tommy confides in LaKeisha about his relationship with Teresi, whose true plan is revealed and takes shape, complicating everyone's lives.


Episode 7 - Second Chances

Tensions run high when Jason returns, tasking Ghost, Tommy and Kanan to kill the heads of the Jimenez Cartel. Ghost warns Tommy about his relationship with Teresi while he also hatches a plan with Kanan to rid Tommy of his new, Italian family. Angela gets closer to arresting the Jimenez Cartel and Kanan forms an unlikely alliance.


Episode 9 - Happy Birthday

The St. Patricks celebrate Tariq's birthday… the first time without Raina, and Tasha finds a shoulder to cry on in Terry Silver. Ghost is on the outs with Tate and the Queens Child Project, and discovers Dre is ready to replace him in the legitimate world, driving him toward reckless behavior. Kanan drops Tariq back at school, the two of them bonding over their shared mistrust of Ghost.


Episode 11 - A Changed Man?

After his spiritual awakening, Ghost confesses his sins to Angela. Angela preps Tasha for Federal questioning and Ghost must break his business deal with Tommy when Truth is audited.


Episode 13 - The Devil Inside

As Ghost, Tommy and Kanan move forward with their task to kill the heads of the Jimenez Cartel, Ghost and Kanan plan hits of their own. Donovan warns Angela that her own office is after her and Tommy fully embraces his new family. LaKeisha lets slip that Teresi is Tommy’s father.


Episode 15 - A Friend of the Family

The AUSA turns up the heat on Ghost and implicates his inner circle in a RICO. Ghost and Tommy move forward on the plan to frame Dre for the murder of Raymond Jones, Raina’s killer, while Angela and Tasha enact a plan of their own.


Episode 17 - There's a Snitch Among Us

When Angela’s arrest of Alicia Jimenez gives her a solid win as Head of Criminal, she soon discovers plans that would undercut her career. Ghost tasks Tommy in killing a snitch, which hits a little too close to home, changing all of their lives forever. Elsewhere, Tariq steps up to accept the consequences of his choices.


Episode 19 - When This Is Over

When the RICO case comes crashing down, Angela breaks ranks to form her own A-team with surprising allies. LaKeisha takes a stand of her own while Ghost, Tommy, Tasha, and Angela race against the clock to prove their innocence… but to what end?


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