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Pretzel and the Puppies Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Doggie Bags / Fetch!

Poppy’s cleanup mission inspires change in the neighborhood. Pedro sets out to retrieve a beloved ball from a nearby rooftop.


Episode 2 - Bow Wow Bows / Snuggle Trouble

Pippa helps Rosie find a new way to style her bows. When Puck struggles to fall asleep, Pretzel invites him on a soothing journey.


Episode 3 - Ruff Truck / Flutter Pups

Puck encourages Curly to face his fear of the local garbage truck. Paxton works on a special surprise for Nana Doxie.


Episode 4 - Pup Fiction / Night at the Pawspital

Poppy leads a rainy-day trip to the Muttgomery Library. After Sammy hurts his paw, the pups cheer him up with a make-believe adventure.


Episode 5 - New Tricks / Outward Hound

Nana Doxie and her neighbors help Pedro master a scooter trick. Greta rallies the group for a hike to the snowy peak of Mount Muttgomery.


Episode 6 - Furry Finders / Howl Pals

When Dill and Delilah’s hamster goes missing, the pups leap into action. Pedro discovers a unique way to meet dogs who want to play.


Episode 7 - Pup Tent / Tree Bark

Paxton searches for a place to work on his art. Poppy sees potential in a fallen tree near Waggington Square Park.


Episode 8 - Lunch Bunch / Mama Time

Russell and Grampy inspire a plan to help hungry pups. After Greta misses out on family fun, Poppy tries to recreate the magic.


Episode 9 - Pup Meet-Up / Happy Bark-Day!

Ms. Clawtez introduces the crew to a new friend. The pups celebrate their birthday and give back to the community.



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